Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working Out

I enjoyed this book but had a few problems getting into the characters. Mac is a douche bag and Maggie is a little bit of an insecure bitch. We start this story with Mac ignoring some hot chicks at a bar and he is with his friend who is talking about how Maggie, who is Mac's current crush, is on a no having sex bend. Of course right at that point in time he sees some guys giving her a hard time across the bar. Mac is a huge muscle head so he just uses that to his advantage and ends up taking one guy down for insulting Maggie. From there we skip to he is desperate for her to her getting drunk and spending the night at her best friends house only to wake up to Mac leaning over her. There he tells her he wants her and pretty  much says he is going to have her.  They play this game a bit longer of cat and mouse and she willingly gives up her no sex rule without a fight I might add. Then all of a sudden it turns into some light BDSM in the bedroom. It was a little bit forced for me, normally I like reading these stories but it just came so out of the blue I didn't get it. They have everyday issues and even though I didn't get the sexual relationship, I have to say overall it was a cute read. Still not a big fan of Mac but he is hot so I'll give him a break. I would rate this a three out of five.

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