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Obsidian Music (Lion Security #3) by Scarlett Dawn


The bestselling conclusion to the Lion Security series is here!

Beth and Daniil's passionate love story reaches its ultimate struggle when Beth is kidnapped by Daniil's enemies. Dark and dangerous killers hold her captive, but the Russian mafia will stop at nothing for her return. With the whole world searching for the mafia boss' lover, her safety is paramount, and it's only a matter of time before she is found.
But will it be too late?
Can Beth return whole from her traumatic fight for survival?
Or will she be irreversibly damaged?

My Review

***I received this copy from the author in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been given. ***

I have been anxiously waiting for this book for awhile now. When I got it I didn't have time to do a happy dance because I wanted to get started lol. Daniil had been one of my favorite characters of this authors since I started this series lol. He is so sexy and... Well deadly! I love their interactions with each other as well as everyone else, it's always funny and they are smartasses too lol.

This book had so much excitement it was like an action movie feeling the very beginning! It picks up exactly where book two left off. So we miss nothing, which is great! I had so many emotions at a certain death in the beginning..... I cried for real! I loved the way we can feel Elizabeth's pain and suffering throughout most of the book. There was so much death I was nervous she may get rid of another favorite of mine lol but thankfully I worried for naught!

This was a spectacular conclusion to Beth and Daniil's story and I never wanted it took end really, I sincerely hope there is a spin-off because I want so much to read more about this family!!! What about Eva??!!!! Hello we can't be left hanging here lol. I want... No I NEED MORE!!! Overall another amazing book by a fantastic author and I can't freaking wait for more!!

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One Step Behind Tour Banner

One Step Behind

by Brianna Labuskes Publication Date: September 26, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Historical, Romance One Step Behind Cover


Synopsis: Vengeance never dies …  When the unconventional Imogen Lancaster embarked on a mission to infiltrate high society and avenge her beloved cousin’s murder she never would have guessed she’d end up in the arms of a thief. At least, that’s what she assumes when she discovers Lucas Stone breaking into a private safe.   Lucas Stone, the Earl of Winchester, has a reputation for arrogance and a soft-spot for his sister, which is how he ends up in the predicament of hiding behind a curtain at midnight with the dreadfully dull Miss Imogen Lancaster. But he soon discovers appearances can be deceiving when the country mouse turns into a spitfire in front of his eyes and she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him. Though one is chasing a blackmailer and the other a murderer, they quickly realize they are on the hunt for the same villain. Now they must work together, which would be fine, if they could decide if they’d rather fall in love or kill one another.

Lucas had never proposed before, but he did not think the desired reaction was blind panic. He tried not to be insulted as the color drained from Miss Lancaster’s face.
“Have you gone mad?” She leaped to her feet and began to pace.
His temper pricked. It was the clear solution to their problem, but she seemed to find the mere suggestion appalling. A blow to his pride, indeed. “It is perfectly sane. In fact, it is the most logical course of action. It allows us to be seen together, and for me to escort you around town so that I can protect you, and it will head off any scandal before it can gain legs.”
“I don’t need you to protect me,” Gemma protested, without pausing her fretful wanderings around the study.
Rosalind remained quiet, but they both tracked Gemma as she moved around the small room.
“What about me?” Lucas asked softly.
She finally paused and turned her fierce blue eyes on him.
“What do you mean?” she asked, wary. She was intelligent and sensed a trap.
“If we do not make our arrangement respectable in the eyes of the ton, and scandal ensues, my reputation will be in tatters as well,” he said. He noticed Rosalind narrow her eyes, but still she did not interrupt. The idea to announce their engagement had not come from the blue. The possibility had occurred to him the evening before, when he was sneaking out of her carriage. Above all else, and as much as she protested against it, he needed to ensure her safety if they were to embark on this investigation together. The only way to do that was to be close to her far more often than the boundaries of propriety allowed.
“What are your objections?” Lucas asked. He believed he could knock down all her oppositions if given enough time. She was no frivolous society dilettante. She would see the logic of the idea.
“First, no one will believe it,” she said, waving her hand in his direction.
“They will believe it if I announce it,” he said firmly. First notion dismissed. “What else?”
“What will happen when we catch the killer?” She paused right after she spoke the words. Clearly a thought had just popped into her head. He braced himself for the inevitable madness that was about to come. “You will have to cry off,” she said in a rush of words.
“No.” It was a gut reaction—the only one he could muster in the moment.
“Don’t you see, it’s perfect,” she said, clearly warming to the crazed notion. “I was planning on returning to the country at the end of the affair. Or perhaps I will travel instead.” She lit up with excitement as he scowled at her.
This was not going as planned. Nothing ever seemed to when it came to Gemma.
“Gemma ...” he began, not even sure where to start. Mostly because he didn’t quite know himself why it mattered to him so much. She cut him off, however.
“No,” she said, and the fire colored her cheeks and lit her eyes. “It is the only way I shall agree to our false engagement. I will not have you trapped into marriage with me simply to protect my reputation, when you have not actually compromised me in any way. I would rather return home this day than have that occur.”
Her chin tipped up, and her hands clenched at her sides. She met his gaze unflinching. He glanced over at Rosalind, who was watching them with a bemused smile. She seemed unfazed by the wild scheme. He was smart enough to let this battle stand.
“You will not trap me into marriage at the end of this, Gemma,” he said, the best promise he could make at the moment. She relaxed at that, a gesture he found intriguing and confusing.Any other girl in town would have been happy to trap a wealthy earl into marriage, he thought; several of them had tried. Gemma Lancaster was in a class by herself.
“It’s settled, then,” Roz said, rising from her desk. “I believe I left something upstairs....”
Amused at the ploy and grateful for the moment alone, Lucas moved closer to Gemma and did what he’d been itching to do since she’d tumbled into the room, all flushed skin and fiery hair—he touched her. His fingers found her hips and settled there for a moment, relishing in the softness, before he pressed his hand flat against the small of her back. She trembled beneath him, her startled eyes lifting to his.
“What is this?” she asked, gripping his upper arms.
“I think we should seal our engagement with a kiss, yes?” He watched her lips part on a quick intake of breath. He brushed a loose copper curl away and cupped her cheek in his rough hand. Something akin to fear showed on her face before curiosity settled upon it.
“Well, it wouldn’t be a proper deal without sealing it,” she murmured, her eyes on his mouth.
Her sense of humor kept surprising him. The odd mixture of amusement and desire was unfamiliar, and it was intriguing. It was something he would be haunted by later, but for now he pulled her flush against him. Every muscle in his body tightened as her subtle curves, the ones he’d known lurked beneath her dowdy dresses, molded themselves to his body. Groaning, he pressed his lips to hers, and lost himself to the feeling of her under his mouth.
It’s just a kiss. Get a hold on yourself.
But even as he had the thought, he wasn’t able to resist deepening it, his tongue exploring the seam of her mouth.
A small gasp, and then she opened for him. She tasted like warm honey.
Somewhere in the back of his mind, warning bells chimed. Too much. Too fast. The feel of her, her heat, her smell was wreaking havoc on his normally ironclad self- control. He was all but calculating the distance to the couch, so that he could lay her down, strip her naked and lose himself in her.
Rein it in, Stone. Rein. It. In.
He gentled the kiss, pulling back and nibbling on her freshly plump lower lip. He lingered there, waiting until her ragged breathing evened. Then, with what he swore was an act of God, he stepped back.
Her eyes were glassy, her cheeks flushed. It looked like he had claimed her as his, and something suspiciously close to satisfaction welled in his chest. He tamped it down.
“That should do it,” he said, annoyed at the slight quiver in his voice.
He had to get away before he forgot himself and took her right there in the drawing room.
“I shall see you tomorrow night,” he said as he strode toward the door, not waiting for a response.
“Wait! What is tomorrow night?”                                                                                                  
“Lord Conway’s ball. He’s on both of our lists.” 


One Step Behind by Brianna Labuskes

1. Red Eye, Vance Joy 2. Walking in the Wind, One Direction 3. Fire Away, Chris Stapleton 4. Closer, Chainsmokers 5. My Church, Maren Morris 6. Just Like Fire, Pink 7. Half Broke Heart, Cam 8. 18, One Direction 9. Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran 10. Somebody to Love, Kacey Musgraves 11. Nobody’s Fool, Miranda Lambert 12. Fire and the Flood, Vance Joy 13. Cake by the Ocean, DNCE 14. Ships in the Night, Mat Kearny 15. All Too Well, Taylor Swift 16. Sinners Like Me, Eric Church


Brianna Labuskes
Brianna Labuskes’ life-long dream was to join the ranks of the superstar women who penned the romance novels — from historicals to contemporaries and everything in between — of which she could never quite get enough. She tries to write the books she wants to read, with spunky heroines who save the day while their heroes watch in awe and admiration. When she’s not writing, you can find Brianna playing with her two adorable nieces, editing health care policy news (while expounding the virtues of journalism) and watching too much Netflix. She also loves travel, feminism and country music.



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12 Steps to Mr. Right Cover

12 Steps to Mr. Right

by Cindi Madsen Publication Date: September 26, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Contemporary Select, Romance
12 Steps to Mr. Right Cover


Synopsis: 12 steps to finding Mr. Right, composed by dating coach extraordinaire Savannah Gamble1: Admit to being powerless over your attraction to the wrong type of guy. (Like Lincoln Wells, who broke your heart after an unforgettable one-night stand.) 2: Believe Mr. Right is out there. 3: Take inventory of past mistakes. (See step #1.) 4: Make a list of qualities you want in a man. (Avoid charming baseball players/reason you made these rules in the first place) 5: Take charge of your own life. 6: Learn to love yourself. 7: Sort the hookup guys from the relationship guys. (Avoid a painful brushoff after an amazing night together.) 8: Never, ever settle. (Even if the chemistry is off-the-charts.) 9: Don’t believe you can change a guy. (Once a commitment-phobe, always a commitment-phobe) 10: Communicate your needs. 11: Open your heart & love fully. (Still working on this one…) 12: Don’t ever, ever stray from the steps.goodreads-badge-add-38px 12-steps-to-mr-right-teaser-2


“Savannah? Savannah Gamble?” a different, deeper voice said from behind me. Scooping up my coffee, I spun around.
And squeezed my cup so hard the lid popped off. Scalding liquid sloshed over my hand and onto the floor, barely missing my shoes. Hot, hot, hot.
Linc grabbed napkins and started patting my fingers, at which point I became fairly certain he wasn’t, in fact, a mirage or figment of my imagination. I set my coffee cup and bag aside so I could help clean myself up.
Only I got caught up staring into familiar blue eyes instead. Hot.
That was the problem with Lincoln Wells. Between the light brown hair he usually kept on the buzzed too short side and those striking blue eyes, he was the kind of hot that’d scrambled my brain for an entire year in college.
“Sorry,” he said, wadding the napkins into a ball and making a perfect toss into the nearby trash can. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”
One corner of his mouth curved up—oh the hours I’d spent daydreaming about that sexy crooked smile—and then he pulled me in for a hug. “I can’t believe it’s really you.”
On autopilot—or maybe force of habit—I hugged him back. Like in college, he was all lean muscle, although he’d filled out a bit, broader in the shoulders and chest. My heart skipped a few beats, and I told myself to stop those rising tendrils of attraction right in their tracks. No thinking about how solid or warm he was, or how long it’d been since I’d been this close to a guy in general, much less a good-looking one.
I pulled back and grabbed my coffee and muffin so I wouldn’t be tempted to reach for him again. “Wow, it’s been a long time. Are you in town for a visit or—”
“Ivy didn’t tell you? I moved back. Last weekend, actually.”
Admittedly she and I had been missing each other lately, playing phone tag due to crazy schedules, but news like this? It deserved a meet-up involving alcohol at the very least.
Which is probably why she’s been so persistent in trying to get me to go to Azure. But if he moved back to town last week… Ivy had probably put off telling me, afraid of how I’d react.
Linc ran his gaze down me, and the only reason I straightened, patted my bun, and wished I’d showered and worn something besides yoga pants was because I wanted him to see what he’d missed out on. Not because I wanted to impress him or anything. I didn’t want him to look at me as more than a friendly acquaintance. The cool girl he used to hang with in college.
Who he’d had drunken sex with one night.


Cindi Madsen
Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.



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Title: Fractured Beat
Series: The Meltdown Series #1
Author: RB Hilliard
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 20, 2016
When Grant Hardy, Meltdown’s lead singer, falls off the stage in the middle of a concert while under the influence, his record label has no choice but to step in and take control. The solution is simple. Send Grant to rehab and avoid a public relations nightmare by covering it up as a bad case of the flu.
When the rehab facility’s recommendation for extended treatment starts to affect the label’s bottom line, they are forced to find an alternative solution – hire an in-house counselor for the duration of the tour.
There’s just one problem.
Grant Hardy isn’t an addict.
“I absolutely loved this book. One of the best books I've read all year.” ~5 Star Review by Leigh Shen
“Having never read R.B. before I wasn't sure what I was in for and I am so glad I took a chance and read this book! It had a little bit of everything...steamy scenes, enough suspense to keep you guessing, characters that are well developed and you will fall in love with and, well, rock stars.” ~5 Star Amazon Review by Erin McFarland
“Wow! This was my first read by this author and I'm impressed! Fractured Beat had a unique story line that sucked me right in! I didn't want to put it down! I love any music/rock star book, but this one was about so much more than just that.” ~5 Star Review by Sammy’s Book Obsession
RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children. Her love of the written word led her to pursue a degree in English and later a career as an academic language therapist. In 2012 she took a break from teaching and began writing her first novel, His End Game. Hilliard has published five books in her MMG Series, as well as Utterly Forgettable, a romantic comedy and Fractured Beat, the first in her Meltdown Series.


by Jennie Marts Hearts of Montana #3 Publication Date: September 26, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Contemporary Romance
Stolen Away Cover


Synopsis: Elusive charmer Cash Walker is a tough-as-nails cowboy, except when it comes to the shy woman who shows up with a pretty smile, a wounded spirit, and a goat riding shotgun in her passenger seat.Recently divorced from an abusive husband, Emma Frank has come home to Broken Falls, Montana. Lost, alone, and unable to escape the bullying tactics of her ex-brothers-in-law, she finds solace and friendship at the Tucked Away farm and with the handsome cowboy who believes in her and who helps her find her own courage. There’s a darkness in Cash’s past that’s kept him from ever letting anyone get too close, but he can’t seem to stay away from Emma, who seems to be the one to finally break through his tough exterior and steal this cowboy’s heart.



Screw all that business of not getting involved with her.
He wanted her. Wanted to kiss her so badly he could taste it. Wanted to kiss her beyond all reason, beyond good sense.
His head screaming at him to stop, but his heart and his body ignoring it, crying out with their own desires of want and need. He’d been thinking about her and now here she was—warm and in the flesh and so close to being in his arms.
His hands itched to slide up her arms, to caress her skin, to plunge into her hair. He ached to pull her to him, to slide her body under his, to touch and explore.
Closer still. So slow. So sweet. His lips barely brushing hers in the faintest of whispers. Her breath sucking in at the barest degree of touch. Her lips trembling.
Be brave, Emma. I won’t hurt you.
He froze. His lips scarcely touching hers. Because he would. He would hurt her. Eventually. He always did.
The darkness inside of him always won out, and he eventually ended up hurting them all. Not physically, but by his stubborn refusal to commit to a relationship, to not settle down with or give anyone a chance to really be with him. He hurt them by walking away, not giving anything of himself—anything real.
But he didn’t want to hurt her. Couldn’t bear to think of causing her any more pain. She’d had enough. Been through enough.
The last thing she needed was him.




Synopsis: Sometimes you find what you need in the most unlikely places... Charlie Ryan's cheating fiancĂ© left her with a broken heart and even broker bank account. She's hit rock bottom, but everything is about to change. Suddenly, she's inherited a Montana farm named Tucked Away from a grandmother she never knew existed. A fresh start is just what she needs - and no men in her future this time, even if the local vet is as hot as a Montana summer. Zack Cooper is content with his simple life. Running his veterinary practice and raising his daughter are enough to keep him busy, and he doesn't need a high-maintenance city girl like his ex who plans to sell her grandma's ranch and split faster than a setting sun. So why can't he stop thinking about Charlie and her hot-pink cowboy boots...and the way her eyes say she wants to stay while her lips tease him with plans of leaving? Just when both start to believe love might be worth the night will change everything.


Synopsis: Secrets have a way of revealing themselves…. Right after a fire breaks out in her diner, a phone call changes Cherry Hill’s life. The tragic death of her cousin leaves Cherry sole guardian of her eight-year-old nephew. But the upper crust side of the Hill family deems her unfit and is determined to take Sam away from her. The only one on her side is the sexy sheriff, Taylor Johnson, the man who broke her heart nine years ago when he left town. Taylor Johnson has sworn to protect the citizens of Broken Falls, but should that extend to a fake engagement to the woman who captured his heart so long ago? It doesn’t take long for his pretend feelings to turn real for both Cherry and her adorable nephew, Sam. But Cherry’s been hiding a secret from Taylor that could rip this new family apart…


Jennie Marts Jennie Marts loves to make readers laugh as she weaves stories filled with love, friendship and intrigue. She is a USA TODAY Best-selling author and writes for Entangled Publishing. Reviewers call her books “laugh out loud” funny and full of great characters that are “endearing and relatable.”
She is living her own happily ever after in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, two sons, two dogs and a parakeet that loves to tweet to the oldies. She’s addicted to Diet Coke, adores Cheetos, and believes you can’t have too many books, shoes, or friends.
Her books include the contemporary western romance Hearts of Montana series, the romantic comedy/ cozy mysteries of The Page Turners series, and her latest series about hot hockey players, the Bannister Brothers Books. Jennie loves to hear from readers. Follow her on Facebook at Jennie Marts Books , or Twitter at @JennieMarts. Visit her at and sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest news and releases.