Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister

This is a cute little book that takes us away to Greece for an adventure filled with love, romance, betrayal and mistrust. Diona comes home from work to find her younger sister has fled the country to go to Greece to marry a man she has only known for a week. To stop her sister from making a huge mistake Diona conquers her fear of flying and tracks down her sister. Finding her was easy but talking her out of marrying the man she claims to love is hard. Her sister leaves her alone in a restaurant to take a call and that is when Nikias finds her thinking her to be his brothers mistress. Thinking the only reason she is with his brother is for his money he offers to buy her off and tells her to do whats best. Diona gets upset thinking him rude and refuses. After failing to convince Diona to leave his bother alone he sends her a letter making her think its his bother and kidnaps her keeping her on his island with no phones or boats in sight. He says he is going to keep her there until it's time for her to fly back home and his brother will be over her by then. Diona is confused and upset and tells him that he got the wrong sister. 

I loved how he kidnaps her and keeps her on the island and how he has such a hard time keeping his hands off her. I loved how he falls for her and doesn't even know it. 

I hated how quickly he jumps to conclusions in this book. Every time something doesn't go his way he jumps to another opinion and blames Diona then the one time he seems to be in the wrong and she confronts him about it then tries to leave he once again holds her on the island against her will. 

I was so happy with the way the book ended but I wish we could of learned about her fear sooner rather than the very end of the book. That would have explained her anxiousness on her trips and helped us understand her more quickly. I would rate this book a four out of five because I really enjoyed it. 

Better Than Before ( #1)

This book was a cute read, though at times I wondered why the main character didn't just come out with the truth sooner. The book features brothers who are going into business together and Spence doesn't believe that true love can be found online because people lie continually at online dating sites. Making a bet he sets up two different accounts, one with his true self and one with a poorer self. He has to have so many dates with each name to win the bet. He won the first half quickly with his true name because he is a rich guy so the ladies swarmed him, but his poorer self didn't do so well so quick, then he meets Annie online. They exchange a series of emails and eventually calls that make him think maybe it could happen. Annie falls for him quickly but is worried because it isn't just her its her kids as well. When the truth comes out she is hurt he lied to her for as long as he did. 

The thing I hated about this book is that Spence made a bet to even start with. Yes, I understand there are a TON of liars online but to purposely misrepresent yourself to win a bet is mean. That poor woman fell for him being a certain way but then when the truth came out he was a totally different person. I'm surprised she forgives him at all. I would have wondered if he was lying everyday. 

I liked that Spence got along so well with her kids. He seems to be a good guy just a little confused and lonely.  The fact he is able to see that her son is being bullied goes well for him. I hate bullies and they are a menace really. That it was mentioned in this book made me like it more than I would have. 

I would rate this book a three out of five. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost Perfect

This is a cute book by Julie Ortolon and the first in a trilogy. The story line is three friends meet at a fourth friends book signing. They see that her book has parts in it about them and they are upset. They set out on a quest to conquer their fears. We start with Maddy who is a widow who gets an offer to teach arts and crafts to a summer camp run by her high school sweethearts mother. She is hesitant but agrees not sure about how Joe will react. Skip forward to the first meeting, Joe flips out, I found this amusing since its been many years but he seems to act like it just happened to him. I felt sorry for him though from the way she had broken things off with him. She explains things to him within a few days of arriving and they come to a truce where he makes her get her butt in action to start showing her art. I did enjoy reading them rekindling their former romance but I really get tired of the stories about former lovers coming back together. I would rate this book a three out of five.

Where She Belongs

This book got on my ever lasting nerves, the main character Jess is coming back to her hometown to help her mother with the death of her step father. She hasn't seen her mother in four years since a huge argument with her step father. Her best friend Molly is supposed to pick her up at the airport but instead Adam does, he was her crush when she was thirteen and he was seventeen. She started having these feelings about him again already until he seems to have an attitude about her missing Pete's funeral and only just now arriving for her mother. She finally gets to her moms house and her friend meets her talking about how her mother's character is so out of whack and nothing like they are used to and how hard she is taking Pete's death. No shit!!! If you just lost your husband would't you be out of whack? They are so surprised by this it bothers me and makes me think that her mother was a non feeling cow. Then we learn of how her dad and her boyfriend had died when she was eighteen and she seems to be stuck on that even though its nine years later. I can understand how the loss of a loved one can cause us to be hesitant on relationships but she really should have seen a therapist because she acts like it just happened. Then she gets involved with Adam and its a constant I can't do this, yes I can, no I cant and it annoyed me. Finally we come to her leaving to go back to her old job in the city and again it's a I can't do this until she gets home and her best friend mails her a picture and all of  a sudden its all too much for her and she misses him. She drops everything, gives up her home, her job and moves back to her hometown to run a business with her best friend and also to get with Adam again. I am sorry but this book was a little unbelievable for me simply for the way these people act everyday. I would only rate this a two out of five stars. 

Working Out

I enjoyed this book but had a few problems getting into the characters. Mac is a douche bag and Maggie is a little bit of an insecure bitch. We start this story with Mac ignoring some hot chicks at a bar and he is with his friend who is talking about how Maggie, who is Mac's current crush, is on a no having sex bend. Of course right at that point in time he sees some guys giving her a hard time across the bar. Mac is a huge muscle head so he just uses that to his advantage and ends up taking one guy down for insulting Maggie. From there we skip to he is desperate for her to her getting drunk and spending the night at her best friends house only to wake up to Mac leaning over her. There he tells her he wants her and pretty  much says he is going to have her.  They play this game a bit longer of cat and mouse and she willingly gives up her no sex rule without a fight I might add. Then all of a sudden it turns into some light BDSM in the bedroom. It was a little bit forced for me, normally I like reading these stories but it just came so out of the blue I didn't get it. They have everyday issues and even though I didn't get the sexual relationship, I have to say overall it was a cute read. Still not a big fan of Mac but he is hot so I'll give him a break. I would rate this a three out of five.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cage of Bones

An abandoned building. A dank cellar. And inside it, a cage of bones—with a shocking surprise lurking within. Carver’s new thriller will scare the daylights out of you. Into the house. Down the stairs. Through the dripping dark of the cellar. Someone is there. Someone that shouldn't be there. As a building awaits demolition, a horrifying discovery is made inside the basement: a cage made of human bones—with a terrified, feral child lurking within. Unbeknownst to Detective Inspector Phil Brennan and psychologist Marina Esposito, they have disturbed a killer who has been operating undetected for thirty years. A killer who wants that boy back. But the cage of bones is also a box of secrets—secrets linking Brennan to the madman in their midst. With the death toll rising and the city reeling in terror, Brennan and Marina race to expose a predator more soullessly evil than any they've ever faced—and one who is hiding in plain sight.

This book was very interesting and at times scary, you never know what is coming. I found myself turning page after page eating up what I was reading and yearning for more! From the very beginning of this book I was captivated as to what was in the cellar. I jumped a bit I admit, but boy was it worth it. Although I didn't know the characters as I haven't read any of the previous books in the Marina Esposito series, I was able to pick up immediately because I feel like you could read it alone and not have to worry about the previous ones. Although it probably has more details of Phil and Marina's relationship, I wasn't worried. Now there may have been some more back story on Phil as well, who seems to suffer panic attacks when remembering something about his past. It is in this book however we find out what that past was and the terrible secrets it reveals. There has long been a group called The Elders. Reading this book we find out not only who they are and what they want but what they have been doing over the years. There is murder, mystery, betrayal  and horror in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I would rate this book a four out of five.

Calling Me Home

As I write this I have to admit I still have tears rolling down my face. This was not only the best book I have ever read but the most touching as well. The story of Robert and Isabelle is so romantic and tragic all at the same time. Impossible love between two people who are soul mates and meant to be together. Reading their story makes me wonder at all the different families that went through the same things back then. Now we just take things for granted and as normal even. But back then their love wasn't allowed. The heartache they went through and the love they maintained was written with so much love and ease it was easy to see it as if I were watching a movie. I laughed and cried through this whole book. I would love to see this as a movie one day even though I know I will be bawling like a baby. The book goes from present day to the past so fluently it doesn't confuse us at all and I give huge thanks to the author for being able to do that. I won't write too much about the love, faith and pain you will read about in this book because it is something you need to read for yourselves. I was able to relate to it myself which is why I think it touched me so deeply. Even though this is a book I like to think that in the end Robert and Isabelle are happy together where they are. I recommend this book to EVERYONE who wants a good read. I only rate books on a one to five basis but I rate this book as a TEN with no hesitation. So get your buts out there when it comes out and BUY IT!!! Don't question it just do it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Going Under

I was a little lost at first having not read any previous  Bound By Magic books, however, the way this book was written you could very well do as I did and read it first. There is enough back story on both main characters or us to fall in love with Gage and Molly. When we first meet Molly she is reeling from having been outed as being a witch which was now called Other, by a group called Purity. The people she works with and started a business with have all turned against her and want her gone. When she realizes she cannot fight them she leaves an has the idea to go work for Clan Owen. When she gets the job she meets Gage who is a Hunter which is like a top security person of some sorts. Things are electric between them from the beginning and I had high hopes of them being able to step away from the chaos and be together. I get my wish of course and it leads us to some steamy Alex scenes which are written very well, they are just written in good taste. All through the book Molly and Gage are constantly traveling to go to meetings about the way the people are trying to get rid of Others basically. Through all that we read of the love gel rowing between them and when Molly is seriously injured we hope for him to tell her he  loves her, but we are mistaken when he becomes an idiot and breaks up with her thinking he is a failure. Now we are helplessly waiting for him to pull his head out of his ass and to be honest I was afraid he wouldn't in this book. Bit in the end all is well and you will have to read it yourself to find out what happens. I have to point out that during this book we meet, well I meet as I'm it sure I he was in any previous books yet, Faine who is drop dead gorgeous and a Lycian.  I was desperately hoping there would be more about him a s I have my wish as he is the main male character in the next installment!! I would rate this book a four out of five and express my impatience to read the next one!!

One Little White Lie

From the first page this cute book drew me in. Who hasn't had a friend try to set you up and fail terribly by getting the worst possible people! I really loved how Kate being so tired of being set up so many times to the wrong guys that she just tells her friend that she has been seeing someone and to stop.When pressed for details she gives a few and hopes that will keep Lisa's serial match making skills from reappearing. When Henry sees Kate for the first time he doesn't know what hit him but he does know that he can't let her get away. After chasing her to a cab and missing her just barely he finds her friend she was with and approaches her and they concoct this incredible idea. Kate goes to her friends engagement party and runs into her ex, suddenly her imaginary boyfriend is there and in real life! It was so funny reading her reactions, although I probably would have freaked out too if my friend had decided to play this joke on me. After we find out how Kate was hurt by her ex I was so happy when Henry punches him, I love when the assholes get what's coming to them. Kate is convinced by Henry to try out three dates and if that doesn't go well she will never have to see him again. Things are going great but Henry has been hiding something for fear of being hurt, he is a world famous author and worth a lot of money. Wanting to just meet someone and not have them worry about money he hides this a little too long from Kate and when she finds out she is furious and ends things. Funny thing love, when it's real it doesn't just go away, and it can make you miserable if you try to make it. After a serious discussion with Tom who is Henry's brother. After telling her why Henry was hiding things from her she goes to see him and they patch things up. It was a cute little book that I would of loved to have been longer! I would rate this book a three out of five. 

Just Breathe

This was such a touching and at times funny book. I so enjoyed reading it, although towards the end I wanted to smack Dee on the back of the head and ask her what she was thinking! Dee is a yoga instructor who started doing yoga to help herself after a horrible car accident. Over the years she has become really good at it and has a few private patients she sees as well as the classes she teaches in the school. Lately she has been teaching more because her boss and friend is pregnant and unable to teach. When she goes to a party she was invited to by Lucy one of her regulars, who just happens to run a huge corporation, she meets Ethan, Lucy's brother. He is just a gorgeous as in the papers but seems nicer in person. There is something about him that draws her to him. She is offered a job which will help get her annoying mother off her back, so after much hesitatasion she takes it. Taking this job leads her into a world of rich and powerful people, along with Ethan who offers her business advice for free. She develops a  huge crush on him, which is rediculous because he is way out of her league she thinks. Suddenly he returns her feelings, and has for awhile just wasn't sure if she did, and there is much sneaking around and romance. Being outed by the newspaper was terrible she calls it off with him because she overhears him and his sister talking about her. Later we find out they hadn't meant it the way it sounded, and when they get together at the end its very touching to say the least. I enjoyed reading about the heartache, and the chance a woman can have to live again. I would rate this book a four out of five!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Blackstone Affair Part 2: All In

The second installment of The Blackstone Affair begins where the first one left off, Brynne has just found out Ethan was hired by her father to protect her from something. She leaves him for a week and during that week she is lost without him, as he is without her. They are both depressing during this time and I couldn't wait for them to get back together. When she calls him he leaps at the chance to be with her again. We finally find out what tragic event took place that causes Brynne to be such a tragic character. I wont have to read the book!!! Even after hearing all this Ethan tells her he loves her and misses her and wants to protect her....awwww love its so sweet isn't it....So again they are together. Now this is where poor Ethan becomes paranoid, now I know he is supposed to be protecting her but he loses his mind when she is missing one morning and finds her chatting with someone at a coffee place. He causes a scene and she gets pissy and they fight then have amazing sex! I love make up sex! She finally tells him she loves him also and makes him the happiest person in the world. When Ethan starts to have nightmares we know he needs to tell her what happened to him, it's only fair since she shared with him but he is hesitant to tell her and she understands but I know it makes her sad. Finally he tells her what happened to him and where he got the scars. It broke my heart reading about it. Skip ahead to the main event.....they are at a show in the gallery she helped with and suddenly he looses her after receiving a truly disturbing text on her phone. Then when he does find her she is sick to death, there is a bomb threat in the gallery and so they make their escape. He later shows her what the message was and she is so upset she vomits again. When they get someplace safe we are relieved but also curious as to who sent the message, was the threat real or a diversion for something? I cannot wait for the next installment and I would rate this book a four out of five. I was given this book by NetGalley to read and give my honest opinion.

The Blackstone Affair Part 1: Naked

Although there are many books out in the woodwork after the Fifty Shades series, I have to say this book enthralled me with its tragically damaged Brynne and her mysterious past. We know something terrible happened to her and yet we await anxiously to find out exactly what it was. When we first start reading the book we meet Ethan Blackstone and find out he owns a security business with clients that are very important if not hush hush. We are intrigued by the way he accepts a job after seeing a picture...who could it be we wonder. Then we meet Brynne who is doing nude modeling for extra money and her pictures are on sale at a gallery where we run into again Ethan who buys her pictures and then offers to drive her home. She agrees to the ride and the snack he gets her then falls asleep on the way. Once home he makes sure she gets to her flat safely then leaves. The next day she gets a call from him demanding dinner...I must say I love these main characters when they are so demanding and god awful handsome. They flirt around a bit and finally they have mind blowing sex only to have her fall asleep and freak out then leave him. I felt so sorry for him because he seemed to really want to be there for her to keep her safe. He apologizes the next day and they get together again. Through the whole book he romances her and they have mind blowing sex but as all good things must come to an end she finds out her dad hired him to protect her. Thus we must end the story and await the next installment. I would rate this book a four out of five, I really love the way the characters just seem to be right there with you. I would recommend this book to everyone! I was given this book by NetGalley to read and give my honest opinion. 

Star Crossed

This is the second installment of the Battered Hearts Series by Kele Moon, the first being Defying the Odds which I loved with a passion! This one is just as good with more adventure and excitement...and the love scenes aren't anything to joke about I tell ya...whew! It starts up with us finding out Juliet better known as Jules has had a night to remember with Romeo the fighter who had lost to Clay in the last book and who saved Melody from her ex husband. Clay has offered to train Romeo more on his ground game and Romeo decides to take him up on the offer not only because he wants to be nearer to Juliet but also because he wants to be better at his sport. He wants a title belt and would do anything to get it. We find out his family really is in the Mafia and we go on his journey of trying to get his brothers out of it and succeeding in getting his baby  brother Tino to come with him to train. While there he and Juliet fall in love with each other but they keep it a secret from her family because her brother hates him. Juliet starts to look sick so she goes to the doctor at her brothers insistence and the doctor calls back and lets Wyatt know she is pregnant. Instead of telling his sister the news he goes and kicks the shit out of Romeo which causes him to have to pull out of the fight he was going for and was going to have to throw because of his stupid Mafia father. He officially has a hit put out on him so he goes to say bye to Juliet. Instead of saying bye to him she goes with him without knowing she is pregnant. They end up getting married then all hell breaks loose. Frankie his father has tracked him down and is going to kill him. There is a big shootout and Romeo gets shot and thinks Juliet is dead so he closes his eyes and passes out. Juliet wakes up finds out shes pregnant then that Romeo is in a coma and things get a little hectic until Romeo wakes up and then they are together again just like a real life Romeo and Juliet. We find out she is pregnant with twins and everyone is excited and happy. I LOVED this book and would rate it a five out of five and recommend it to everyone who will listen to me. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paradise Hops

This book was a little much for me. Poor Lori got on my last nerve not being able to choose who she wanted. Shame on her for the things she did to those poor guys and yet they loved her still. I myself was more drawn to Eli who was afraid to get in another relationship like the last but I liked Garrett as well, his green eyes I could almost see myself. I cried when he died....not sure why he  had to die but...Lori comes up pregnant and ends up with depression from his death. Poor Eli thinks she hates him and I believe she doesn't really hate him but herself during this time. All things work out and they have a beautiful family together, I would rate this book about a three out of five.

Defying the Odds

Melody is a woman beaten and broken and when she meets Clay her whole world changes. Clay is a UFC fighter and champion. He is tired of the circus the media provides and Mel learns to care for him as well and the only thing holding her back from loving him is her ex Justin. He used to beat her and she knows Clay would never do that but she worries Justin will find her and ruin things for her. Clay has a fight in Vegas she goes at the last minute with Jules his best friends sister and gets to see up close and personal what he does for a living. She is so proud of him for winning and is excited to spend time with him. While there they learn more about each other and they learn to love. Justin shows up and tries to take Mel with him. He causes chaos in the casino and pulls a gun trying to kill Mel. Clay gets shot in the crossfire of tackling him and beats the hell out of him. I was so happy he got what was coming to him. Clay and Mel are two truly deserving people of the love they find with each other and I enjoyed reading about it. I would rate this book a four out of five and cannot wait to read the next installment.


I really enjoyed this book, reading about a woman finding herself is refreshing to say the least. Alex is a newly divorced woman who tries to find peace in yoga. This book goes shares her journey of laughter, love and loss in a wonderful way. I could relate to Alex and that always makes it easier to read a book. When Alex meets Andy, she makes a fool of herself and yet he still becomes her friend. We can tell he wants more but she just wants to be friends while she is searching for herself. He gives her the time to soul search and when she finally finds herself it is a beautiful moment. I would rate this book a four out of five and recommend it to anyone who wants a sweet read with some laughs to go along.

The Water Witch

This novel is the sequel to Demon Lover and I have to say that it was so good I inhaled it overnight! I just couldn't put it down. I loved the first one and I love this one even more! The way the author has started telling us more about Callie and her past and the way the Grove is trying to take over things and close the Fey Door forever is so exciting to read about. I cried again in this one because she didn't realize what she had until she lost it. Sometimes she can be so stupid, how could she not know who he was? I knew who he was as soon as he got there. There was just something special about him. I'm not saying his name I don't want to ruin it for future readers.

This novel takes place about a month after the first one leaves off and Callie is depressed since losing Liam and still feels terrible about what she has done. Her three friends arrive at her house with a task for her. She needs to open a door to let some creatures back in Fairy. If they don't get there their race will die out. So she goes to help and while helping is dragged to Fairy herself. There she sees poor Liam again and he once again helps her get free of something terrible then she frees him from the bracelets she had placed on him and he is able to go on land instead of the Borderlands. They make love and it brought a tear to my eye thinking this was it for them, because he swore an oath he wouldn't follow her and hurt her again. She meets an adult of the creatures she was helping and she is evil and tries to hurt Callie. Liam AGAIN helps her and she escapes but not without breaking her neck in the process. Her friends help her and bind her neck back together. There is a terrible storm she is told about when she returns and she finds that her friend Brock has been killed from it. They all go about trying to bring Brock back because his spirit is still close by. While trying to help Callie finds out she has lots of power but it is almost trapped inside her. They tell her that a private tutor to help her is in order. Enter Duncan, at first he is just a handsome devil helping her with her powers. He helps her unleash most of her potential but something seems off about him. There is some adventure and some lust and confusion but it isn't until her grandmother and the Grove show up to ruin everything that she finds out he is an evil creature and they along with The Grove want to take over her school. The book ends with me crying because of what is realized and lost, because I knew it all along! I would rate this book a five out of five and I am impatiently awaiting the next installment!!! I hope I am able to read it on NetGalley as I have the past two and give my honest opinion again!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm sorry to say that I didn't get into this book. I read the discription of the book and got excited but I'm not sure what happend. I could not get past the first chapter withou forcing myself. My apologies to the author but I would personally rate it a 1 out of 5 stars.

Promises In Every Star

Promises In Every Star is a collection of short gay erotic stories. Some of the stories leave you wondering what is going to happen next. I had one stoey that really touched me and it was sad and real enough it made me cry my eyes out. it was called  Unsent which is the story of a fighter pilot during the eighties. Todd the main character is a bartender an he meets this young military man and it comes out he is gay. They head to Todd's place so Tommy can experience love for the first time. After Tommy leaves to go to war time flies until Todd has a knock on his door from an unknown woman. It turns out that Tommy was shot down and killed diring the war and when his stuff was returned to his mother there was a letter for Todd. The letter is so touching it breaks my heart. Tommy has fallen for Todd and wonders of he has or could have feelings for him. It's so as because they never got the chance to know. I would rate this book a four out of five.

Cinders and Sapphires

I wasn't terribly impressed with this sneak peak, but I also want too terribly bored either. I like how it sort of leaves you with the impression that the girl Rose is Lord Westlakes child with his housekeeper Mrs. Cliffe, plus there is someone listening to their conversation leading you to believe that someone is up to no good. We learn that Lady Ada has feelings for an Indian young man which absolutely cannot happen in that day and time. The Lord has come home from India to marry but it's really about money. We know he cares for this woman some though by how he acts around her. We are really drawn into a world where miss matches are frowned upon and it's nothing out of the ordinary for a forty something year old man to expect a sixteen year old to marry him. I hesitate to rate this book having not been able to read the entire book but only the first thirteen chapters. I would rate what I read about a three out of five.

The Fetish Box Part 2; What Escapes

This second installment of The Fetish Box was just as exciting as the first one. Now we have been introduced to a crime that has taken place while Mary was having her first time with John. They are called to be told that someone had broken into the shop, trashed it and beaten up Max and Kaylee a girl that worked there. They rush to the hospital and we are introduced to a new character named Carl who is Max's step brother. Mary tries to get things situated in the shop as her feelings for John confuse her as well as her attraction to Max. Things get pretty steamy with her and John then she is alone with Max and would have taken the next step with him but he was injured from the breaking and wasn't in the mood. Max leaves her alone to go somewhere and she awakens to hear someone in her house breaking things. She escapes and meets up with Max who is in shock to see her running and covered in scratches and blood. After calling 911 he makes his move and then we are left to wonder who is in her house breaking things, will she sleep with Max even though she has feelings for John, will he forgive her if she does? I would rate this a five out of five. I can't wait till the third installment!!!

The Fetish Box: Part 1: Open All Night

This short little eBook was a surprise in so many ways. It starts out with us learning about a girl named Mary who has lived most of her life not knowing her mother. She was raised by her grandmother and father and when she inherits a business called The Fetish Box from her now deceased mother she is thrown into a world of BDSM and lots of sex. She is a virgin and gets embarrassed easily but seems to really have a crush on the two men she meets when she first arrives. There is the gorgeous tattooed Max who is Irish then there is the scared John who was injured in Afghanistan. It really is a teaser but just getting us to know the characters was really the purpose I believe. It leaves off with Mary being led to the bedroom by John and has us anxiously awaiting what will happen next!! I would rate this book a four out of five and cannot wait for the next one!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Stranger: Just One Night Part 1

I really enjoyed this book and I'm already craving the next to find out what happens!! The way Kyra Davis started the book draws you in and makes you want to keep reading it without putting it down. Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to meet a stranger and share something special with them then leave and never have to worry about it again right? Well close but no dice, Kasie goes to Vegas with a friend and does just that, meets a sexy stranger and shares a special night with him. Then goes home to her boyfriend of six years who thinks they should get married  Just like that her life is turned upside down. She is then confronted by the fact that the stranger has hired her firm to work for him and wants her to be the lead on it. The story goes on with some sexy love scenes leaving you wanting more and thoroughly disturbed by the fact that she can't just be herself and get rid of the idiot she has been with for so long. I am so EXCITED to read the next installment and don't know if i can wait!!!

Sighs Too Deep For Words

I have to say I have some mixed feelings about this book. One half of me enjoyed the whole screwed up mess of it and the other half of me was pissed off through the whole book. I went into this book with my eyes open knowing what it was about but still I was a little disappointed with it. A man in prison falls in love with a pen pal. So much so that when he gets out of prison he goes on the hunt for her. He meets some strange people along the way and meets who he thinks is a cousin of this woman but is unable to find her. He gets a place to stay in town and a job as well working at an old Chevron for a man named Mr. Otis. He finds out that the preacher is the one that had been writing letters to him and it was him that he fell for. Then this is where it gets tricky, he acts like its such a big deal that the preacher is a man but then he agrees to go to this party with the people he met that drove him into town and the sister wants him but he turns her down but then....he has sex with her brother! A man! I don't get how that turned about but anyway to carry on, we find out he was in love with someone he calls Little Ray who was his lover in prison. Then the story goes off onto some other peoples lives and I don't really get it. The rest of the book just left me wanting something else to be honest but the ending, well the ending had a nice touch to it as Little Ray shows up and surprises Lester. I'm sure they will live happily ever after. I rate this book a three out of five simply because I just didn't get it.

The Trouble With Charlie

This book was at times a murder mystery and at times just confusing and aggravating! It;s about a woman Elle who is in the middle of a divorce with her husband Charlie, she goes out with a friend to the bar after three months of depression and boredom to meet a man named Joel who reminds her of Charlie. She goes home and smells her exes cologne and feels a caress on her neck. She freaks out running around the house like a loon thinking Charlie is playing mind games with her then she finds his dead body in her den. With no memories of what happened before going to the bar she is the number one suspect in his death. She doesn't think she killed him but not being able to remember she starts having nightmares about his murder with her as the one with the knife. While she is arranging his funeral she goes to his new apartment to get clothes for him to wear and is attacked by a man she doesn't recognize and again develops amnesia about what happens. When she wakes up she sees she has killed the man. Now the police really are focusing on her and this is where it starts getting silly. She is constantly going in and out not remembering shit and doing stupid things. Someone is trying to run her over with a bicycle and she is injured twice. She goes on a date with Joel and thinks something is off about him. She finds a flash drive with child pornography on it and hides it at first then her lawyer calls her stupid and explains this may help the police look elsewhere. Well things don';t go according to plan and she finds out she has a stalker the woman who Charlie had an affair with. She sends her dead mice and instead of going immediately to the police she googles the woman's address and goes to confront her. She instead finds the woman dead and wipes away her fingerprints and leaves. She eventually goes to confront Charlie's business partner about everything and that is when Joel shows up. She realizes she is in deep shit and tries to run away only to be knocked unconscious  She comes to only to hear Derek and Joel discussing getting rid of her making it look like a suicide  They think she really did kill Charlie so she knows they didn't do it but she has no idea what is going on. They take her to her house to kill her and make it look like a suicide and that is where she escapes and hides while they are looking for Charlie's gun. She is in a place under the stairs in some sort of closest and Charlie comes to her and shows her how to use the gun that is hidden there with her. She comes out and shoots Derek who is running at her only to see he has been stabbed in the back like Charlie had been. Then she comes to see Joel and Tedd her brother in law. The truth comes out that Tedd who needed and wanted Charlie's money had killed Charlie and that is when Charlie's ghost kills Tedd. I liked how it all fell into place but the whole thing where she spaces out all the time is really freaking annoying. I would rate this book a three out of five.

The Demon Lover

Even though this book was published in 2011 I had never heard of it until a little while ago when I requested to read it at NetGalley. I am so glad the title called to me and I was able to delve into a secret world of witches, fairies, brownies, and even some vampires.

This book is about a woman named Cailleach (pronounced Kay-lex) who is offered a job at a college in Fairwick. During the course of her job she learns she is not only descended from a line of witches but she has fey in her as well. She is a Doorkeeper to the door to the fairy world. All her life she has had dreams of a shadow man. She has never seen his face but he has been there with her through the death of her parents at a young age and even as an adult. After moving in to a house that basically called to her he comes to her again this time in a sexual nature. The way this author wrote her love scenes really draws you in and makes you want her to be with this dream lover or incubus as we later find out. There is ssomething at the college that is draining the energy of the students and faculty and Cailleach is trying to find out what it is along with finding out who is behind the curse of Nikki's family. Nikki is a student at the college and Cailleach comes to care for her and wants to help her. After driving the incubus away with a spell she meets a gorgeous man Liam who she starts to fall for. He saves her a few times from some winged bird that keeps attacking her at night and they begin to have deeper feelings for each other. Along the way there is some heartbreak as well as love that really made the characters more real. When she realizes that Liam is really the incubus in disguise and she sets out to banish him back to the fairy world which is hard because she realizes she almost loves him. If she loves him he can become human and be with her forever, but at the last minute he banishes himself back to the fairy world because he tells her he won't let her sacrifice herself for him. That is true love if you ask me and it broke my heart to have him leave her. I was so sad during that point. She was sad as well and moped around a bit until she finds out who the bird is draining everyone and decides to send it back to fairy as well. She has some help in the end and the book leaves us waiting anxiously for the next book to let us continue reading about her adventures and to find out if her and the incubus can be together or not. I'm hoping for it to work out. I would rate this book a five out of five stars and cannot wait for the next one.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild Children

When I am going through books and reading their descriptions to see if it is something that might be of interest to me I look for things that grab my attention and pull me in. This is that book, the one that in just the first two sentences of it's description made me wonder what all would be within the book. " Bad children are punished. Be bad, a child is told, and you’ll be turned into an animal, marked with your crime.
How could this not bring your curiosity around? We are forever told by our parents that if we make a face it might get stuck that way right? Well, this is like that except your sin is what you are likely to become. There are Wolf Children, Jackal Children, Donkey Children, Cat Children and Dove Children, there are actually an animal of every kind but the ones most spoken about in the book are these that I named. The book starts off about a girl named Jenny who meets a Wild Child as they are called for the very first time and he is a Wolf Child named Wolfgang. She is drawn to him as a child might be drawn to something different and exciting. We read about her struggles of becoming something she was never meant to be and what she later becomes. The book has five different stories in it all of them relate to the other in a way.

I really enjoyed reading about this world where children are changed into animals because of their sins and the way they are treated differently is really the same we treated slaves back in the days of old. The pretty ones are surrounded by the rich and taken care of as pets whereas the "uglier" ones are resorted to pulling carts or cleaning or cooking or just fetching things. There were times when reading I wanted to yell at the people for what they were doing, but that is what makes this book so interesting. The fact that I can get lost in it and not remember that even if I yell at someone they cannot hear me is what I love about reading. To get lost in another world and enjoy it this much is what makes me rate this book a five out of five. I cannot wait to read more books by this author. 

The Devil You Know ( NIck Eaglebrechet No.1)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and cannot wait to read the next installment of it. The main character is Nick who just happens to be the devils son and the next in line for that throne in hell. There is something going on in the world and God has stepped down from his throne causing a huge disturbance everywhere. It has always been angels vs daemons but there were always rules they each had to live by but now there are no rules. Nick meets the beautiful Vivian who it turns out is similar to him in the way that she is part daemon. He falls helplessly for her which I'm not so sure is a good idea I can see this infatuation leading him into some very tricky places.

I love the character Malach who is an angel who isn't site whose side he is in anymore just that he knows the world is going to hell. I wish we could of seen more of him in this novel but I'm hoping there will be more of him in the next one. Overall I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because the excitement is intense and really makes you want to turn the page and never put it down. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starstruck Romance and Other Hollywood Tails

Ok to start out with, this book is a sequel to Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers, the first book was ok but had some really silly parts. The sequel is just downright ridiculous  the main character Cynthia was all about Max in the last book and this book he is basically a distant memory until he shows up and then there is drama between her, a movie star named Jack and some guy named Pete who we find out she had feelings for in high school, and whom she hinted down on Facebook them stalks him and has sex with him. She almost has sex with Jack and does " help him out", then more drama ensues. Max comes in he's been having an affair with Molly the hosts wife for five years, he's at the party with Lolita, who is insane if you ask me, Cynthia tries to leave the drama and ends up getting a call from Pete who isn't leaving tonight as he expected and wants to see her again.

It just seems to jump all over the place and my brain just couldn't handle the drama and constant confusion I guess. The characters are totally unrelateable unless you know dogs that can appear out of nowhere anytime. A woman who practically has sex with any attractive male that comes along, or a man that has sex on the brain nonstop and is a male slut really.  I would rate this book at about a two and a half simply from the drama that made me continue to read it.