Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Trouble With Charlie

This book was at times a murder mystery and at times just confusing and aggravating! It;s about a woman Elle who is in the middle of a divorce with her husband Charlie, she goes out with a friend to the bar after three months of depression and boredom to meet a man named Joel who reminds her of Charlie. She goes home and smells her exes cologne and feels a caress on her neck. She freaks out running around the house like a loon thinking Charlie is playing mind games with her then she finds his dead body in her den. With no memories of what happened before going to the bar she is the number one suspect in his death. She doesn't think she killed him but not being able to remember she starts having nightmares about his murder with her as the one with the knife. While she is arranging his funeral she goes to his new apartment to get clothes for him to wear and is attacked by a man she doesn't recognize and again develops amnesia about what happens. When she wakes up she sees she has killed the man. Now the police really are focusing on her and this is where it starts getting silly. She is constantly going in and out not remembering shit and doing stupid things. Someone is trying to run her over with a bicycle and she is injured twice. She goes on a date with Joel and thinks something is off about him. She finds a flash drive with child pornography on it and hides it at first then her lawyer calls her stupid and explains this may help the police look elsewhere. Well things don';t go according to plan and she finds out she has a stalker the woman who Charlie had an affair with. She sends her dead mice and instead of going immediately to the police she googles the woman's address and goes to confront her. She instead finds the woman dead and wipes away her fingerprints and leaves. She eventually goes to confront Charlie's business partner about everything and that is when Joel shows up. She realizes she is in deep shit and tries to run away only to be knocked unconscious  She comes to only to hear Derek and Joel discussing getting rid of her making it look like a suicide  They think she really did kill Charlie so she knows they didn't do it but she has no idea what is going on. They take her to her house to kill her and make it look like a suicide and that is where she escapes and hides while they are looking for Charlie's gun. She is in a place under the stairs in some sort of closest and Charlie comes to her and shows her how to use the gun that is hidden there with her. She comes out and shoots Derek who is running at her only to see he has been stabbed in the back like Charlie had been. Then she comes to see Joel and Tedd her brother in law. The truth comes out that Tedd who needed and wanted Charlie's money had killed Charlie and that is when Charlie's ghost kills Tedd. I liked how it all fell into place but the whole thing where she spaces out all the time is really freaking annoying. I would rate this book a three out of five.

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