Saturday, January 26, 2013

Calling Me Home

As I write this I have to admit I still have tears rolling down my face. This was not only the best book I have ever read but the most touching as well. The story of Robert and Isabelle is so romantic and tragic all at the same time. Impossible love between two people who are soul mates and meant to be together. Reading their story makes me wonder at all the different families that went through the same things back then. Now we just take things for granted and as normal even. But back then their love wasn't allowed. The heartache they went through and the love they maintained was written with so much love and ease it was easy to see it as if I were watching a movie. I laughed and cried through this whole book. I would love to see this as a movie one day even though I know I will be bawling like a baby. The book goes from present day to the past so fluently it doesn't confuse us at all and I give huge thanks to the author for being able to do that. I won't write too much about the love, faith and pain you will read about in this book because it is something you need to read for yourselves. I was able to relate to it myself which is why I think it touched me so deeply. Even though this is a book I like to think that in the end Robert and Isabelle are happy together where they are. I recommend this book to EVERYONE who wants a good read. I only rate books on a one to five basis but I rate this book as a TEN with no hesitation. So get your buts out there when it comes out and BUY IT!!! Don't question it just do it.

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