Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Perfect Ghost

I'm sorry to say that I just could not get into this book at all, I had to force myself to read even the first few chapters. It sounded like it would be something I would enjoy and I"m sure that if I were able to force my may through it I might have even rated it a two star instead of one. I however, am not going to force myself to read something that I am not enjoying. There are far too many books out there that I can enjoy. I thank the publisher and author for the chance to read it though.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Claim Me

As with the first in this titillating trilogy, Claim Me does just at the name claims your attention and won't let you go. I love how Julie Kenner has picked up fairly close to where Release Me left off and left us readers with all kinds of theories running rampant in our brains. The way she has drawn us even more deeply into the characters lives just attests to what a marvelous writer she is. I am already impatient to get my hands on the third and final? in the trilogy titled Complete Me. I rated this book a five out of five but would have happily rated it a ten!

Enslaved ( Enslaved Trilogy #1)

Enslaved is an erotic BDSM book that takes us on an adventure through the life of Elisabeth who has just been de-collared from her master who has decided it is time to move on and find the things in a BDSM relationship that he feels like he and she both deserve. He never loved her and she never loved him, but they had a long relationship based on the understanding she was a pain slut and he was a sadist. After giving her, her freedom he tells her that Trevor who is one of the BAD boys from the club they frequent wants her. This is normal in a BDSM relationship to share your slave and it means nothing. However this is different because she is no longer Gregory's slave and she isn't sure that the billionaire will want the real her.  After arriving to the amazing house Trevor calls home and meeting the staff as well as getting a tour of the huge grounds she finally has one on one time with him and that is when she first realizes she isn't confident in herself and her need to be collared by Trevor. This is where I sort of lost a little bit of interest  She has just met this man and she is already concerned about being collared and it appears she doesn't even care who it is that collars her as long as they can hurt her. She isn't a true submissive by any standards with her constantly talking back and doing things just so she can be punished. But while doing this she is willfully disobeying Trevor and disrespecting him at the same time. He  decides it is time she learns how to be a good little slave so he sends her to be with his best friend and business partner Roman. This turns out to be not such a good idea because Roman the man who is known for the slave em and leave em ends up falling for her. He wants her to stay with him because they have so much in common, she loves pain and he loves to give it to her. She goes though some tough decisions and goes to visit her previous master, who has moved on and we read a little about his journey as well though all this, who is now officially gay and has a twink slave who he is in love with. After getting good advice from Gregory and his slave Andrew she makes her decision and goes back to the man she chooses. I am not telling who she chooses you will have to read it. I rate this book a four out of five.


This is a good YA novel that is also good for adults to read as well. Spellbinding is the story of a high school girl named Abby, she has dreams of being someone else in a time that is not her own. She is a girl being accused of being a witch and she is tossed into the river to die. Abby has this dream so often it is nothing new, but she also dreams of a young man with blue green eyes that tells her they will be together again. Not sure what is going on with that part of her dream she goes about her business. Her driving test to get her license is coming up so she is  a little stressed about that. She needs to get it so she can get a job for the summer. Abby is given a homework assignment to track her family tree and while doing this she finds out she may have been related to a woman accused of being a witch in Salem. While doing her investigating she meets a boy named Remy whose eyes look just like the boys that she dreams about. Confused about her feelings for Remy who she doesn't know that well she goes across the street and sees a shop that is hiring.  Soon after she starts being able to do things she shouldn't be able to do and that doesn't make sense to her. She finds a book with spells and begins to practice. She does a love spell to get the boy in her school she has a crush on to like her back and it is exciting for her when it works. Pretty soon she is trying to do bigger spells and that is when Remy tells her the more she does the less human she will become. All things come to a huge conclusion which I shall not tell you about you will have to read yourselves. I rated this book a three out of five because even though it was a good book, Abby got on my nerves with liking one boy and having feelings for another all at the same time. Her inconsistencies just annoyed me, I realize she is a high school girl so she has the right to be immature but that is just my opinion. Overall it is a good book that all can enjoy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever

Joe is going to visit his daughter Stephanie in California. On the way to the airport he is in an accident and ends up with a small cut on his head.  On the plane he meets a flight attendant and they hit it off with an agreement to see each other the next day. Joe arrives at his daughter's office building and finds a party going on. After finding his daughter he tells her he wants to freshen up. While doing so he makes a call to the flight attendant but then the phone cuts off. Unsure what is going on when he hears a woman scream he makes his way quietly down the hall and finds the building has been taken over by men with guns and German accents. Everyone at the party is now a hostage and Joe takes it upon himself to start taking out the bad guys. He kills them left and right, pissing off the head honcho Little Tony as he calls himself. When the police get involved the head officer tells Joe to stand down he is causing to much of a mess. Joe basically tells him to go to hell and give the phone back to the man he had been talking to which is Al. The bad guys continue being killed left and right until we end up where Little Tony has Joe's daughter as a lone hostage and is threatening to kill her. Joe says to trade him for her and Little Tony agrees. When Joe arrives and goes to kill Little Tony he yells for Stephanie to get out of the way but she doesn't and he pulls her out the broken window with him where she falls to her death. 
 I did like parts of the book. I can see where the Die Hard franchise came from, but I like the movie better. I just don't understand how Joe became so attached to this flight attendant and wants to speak with her so much while he is killing and hiding from the bad guys. I don't get how the author kills off his daughter, I don't see the point in it. I also wasn't expecting the company she worked for to be supplying arms to terrorists in return for deals and money. Overall I would rate this book a three out of five. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm sorry to say I just had the hardest time getting through Battleship. I was looking forward to reading it, however when I started I had to force myself to even finish the first few pages. I'm not really sure if it started slow for me or if it just wasn't something I could get into overall. It is an inspiring story when you get right down to it, but for me it just didn't do the trick.  I would only rate it a two out of five. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Vampire's Salvation

I enjoyed reading A Vampire's Salvation, however I wish it had ended differently  I know it was left the way it was left because there are to be more books in the series, but it left me underwhelmed. I did like the book overall, the plot was cute and the characters believable. Jacob is the sexy mysterious head of security and Francesca is the in charge of the Governor's reelection campaign. From the beginning she has the hots for him with dreams of things she wishes would happen. But he doesn't pay her any notice and she believes he never will. Then one day she is day dreaming about him and he looks over and its like the room is filled with electricity. Jacob is a vampire and knows at first sight that Francesca is his mate, but he doesn't want to scare her off so he remains aloof at first. When he gets the chance though he shows her just how much he is attracted to her and what she means to him. She is afraid at first because she had no clue that he was attracted to her and now with the whole vampire thing shes a little freaked out. There is someone trying to kidnap her and he keeps her safe but I want to know why this person wants her so badly, I know it says she owes him for something but I'm sure it will be made clear in the next book. Overall I would rate this book a three out of five.

The Ashford Affair

The Ashford Affair was an EXCELLENT book! I was thoroughly entranced by it from beginning to end. 

When I first started reading it I loved reading how we started with Addie traveling to Africa and the things she went through on her journey, as well as how she felt when she first saw the landscape for the first time. Then our curiosity is aroused when we read her reaction to her cousins husband, I wondered after having read of how Bea looked and acted if she had somehow stolen Frederick from Addie. 

From reading about Addie to reading about Clemmie was interesting, I loved how it began with Addie's 99th birthday party and how I found out she had married Frederick! I was so excited and hoped I got to read more of her story from the past. When Jon comes into the picture I sensed some attraction and wondered where it would go. 

I read this book straight for two days, or rather I inhaled it I guess you could say. I loved the mystery surrounding Addie and Frederick and the attraction between Jon and Clemmie and how she was determined to find out the family secret. When Addie died I was sad but after finishing the book I have to say she lived a long and exciting life with her love Frederick. 

The thing I didn't like about the book was how Bea with no care in the world but to herself slept with Frederick for as long as she did when she had to know how Addie felt about him. I also hated Frederick at that point and thought it served him right to be in a loveless marriage. I also didn't like Aunt Anna and how she was so hateful towards Addie and how she couldn't wait to tell Clemmie the big secret. 

Overall I would rate this book a five out of five and I shall be recommending it to all my friends and family to read.

Friday, March 8, 2013


This is a sweet, cute book. Rock star Damien meets the lovely Mary who is the friend of  his friends wife. They are helplessly attracted to each other and immediately start a sexual relationship, but then he has to leave for tours. They play the long distance game of texts, calls, Skype and when they finally meet again it is sweet. They have a whirlwind romance when she goes with her friend to visit and has to deal with the paparazzi and fans who whip off shirts for him to sign boobs until she agrees to visit him at his family's home. There it is relaxing and she meets all the brothers and his parents who she loves. She falls in love with him and when he offers her a job so she can stay with him while they are making their new album she is all for it. Then she finds a picture of him with his hand on another woman's ass as well as her kissing him. This just happens to not be that long ago either and he had never said a word about it. She takes her stuff and leaves with no explanation to him and goes home. He comes home to find her gone and freaks out trying to get hold of her. When finally he pays her a visit he brings his mom along to help him explain. After the explanation she caves because she loves him so dearly and since he did nothing wrong they get back together. 
That is just a quick sum up of the book and I don't want to tell you too much about it, because you need to read it for yourself. I would rate this book a four out of five and recommend it freely to others. 

Hero of My Heart

It has been a long time since I have read a book I couldn't decide if I liked or hated. The beginning was really good and drew me in but then somewhere after our main characters meet I lost interest. Then there was drama on the road together that drew me back in but again I lost it sometime after that. The characters just weren't believable I guess and I couldn't find myself relating to anything. There is a vicars daughter, Mary, whose father has recently died and her half brother who wants to sell her to the highest bidder due to gambling debts. I wish there had been more back story in the very beginning so we could know what kind of person this half brother is and why this was his last resort. After Mary is bought and paid for by Lord Alasdair who is an addict of Opium, they go on an adventure, he wants to wed her because he has plans to help her get her life back in order since his life is so terrible. I didn't quite understand how he planned on that since she takes care of him pretty much half of the beginning of the book. Then after marriage he wants to help her find her mother in London. We never find out why her mother gave her up only that her parents didn't like the match. We don't  find out until later that her mother and father were married in secret before she was born either since her father told her they had never been married and she was a bastard. When we do finally meet the mother she appears nice, but then when they confront her she thinks only of herself and how the public cannot let her claim Mary in public. What a mother eh. Then Alasdair basically dumps her on her own claiming he wants to be separated, Mary is distraught and realizes she loves him and misses him. We go on for awhile without hearing anything about him until we come to him helping soldiers who are addicted to opium as well. Then Mary appears, how she finds him I'm not sure but she forgives him and tells him she knows he loves her and then the end. I hated how this ended. How did she find him? I would rate this book a two out of five.