Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tempted by Two

"When executive woman Katie Warren arrives in the picturesque village of Little Marplethorpe for a country holiday, to reassess her life and her future, she doesn't bargain on ending up in a hot three way love affair with a man she's admired from afar... *and* his gorgeously handsome male partner."

Katie meets Marcus and Owen at an exhibition of Marcus's work and she is invited to "play" with the men. Having already become attracted to them she agrees but during all this she realizes how in love with each other the two of them are and feels left out and alone while with them. Trying to make her feel included they show her how wonderful it can be between the three of them causing her to freak out a little and leave. Trying not to alarm her they let her leave and give her time before approaching her again. The men track her down and work their way back into her bed and this is where some how and steamy sex scenes come into play. This is also around the time we realize Katie is falling in love with both men and is scared because she doesn't want to be a third wheel nor cause any problems with their relationship or work. Thinking that leaving is the only answer to the problem. She packs up her stuff says her goodbyes and leaves. They let her go knowing they will miss her but later realizing they were in love with her and that she made them better together. I would tell you more but that would ruin everything as there is so much more that you could read for yourselves. The little tidbits I have written hardly even do this book justice. Go on and buy it you know you wanna read it. I rate this book a four out of five stars and would love to read more by this author. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

College Boys

I would say this book was more of a 3 1/2 stars as opposed to a 4 stars but that isn't an option so here we are at 3. I did like most of this book, there is the struggle of a young man who has thought of other guys but doesn't think that makes him gay. Then there is the openly gay guy with the flamboyantly gay friend.  Poor Peter has had a crush on his neighbor since a camping trip when they woke up spooning.  Chris seems intrigued with sounds coming from Peter's room one night and some seriously hot scenes occur. There are times in this book that I wanted to smack Chris on the head and ask him what he was thinking but then other times I just wonder what in the world he was thinking at that point in time. Overall this book was pretty good. I'm not sure it's for everyone though. But it is a cute read for some.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this book. From beginning to end I was enthralled with Rory's story. Not very often authors attempt to write about twenty year old virgins who are like her, she's not as socially awkward as she appears because she does go  out and she's friends with girls that are hot and who party a lot. There is a lot of excitement thrown in here, there is some heart break as well as some romance that makes you want to sigh and overall  I would recommend this book to everyone! I also can't wait to read Jessica's story!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Although it took me a little while to get into this book I have to admit once I did I couldn't put it down!  The way the author created a world where werewolves are pets like any dog or cat would be is amazing! I did wonder however about the scratching and biting or even exchanging of blood with them as I have read and seen so many other books and movies over the years with that being the key factor that changes a certain person into said werewolf. I wondered then about Christine and her little mishap. I wondered where Billy had disappeared to as well and if he would turn up again at any time later in the book. The big secret we later learn I almost jumped up and down with excitement screaming to myself saying I knew it, I knew it! But I won't spill the beans you have to read it for yourself to see what that is lol.

I love how everything in the book fell into place and all questions that I had at one time or another were answered in their own time in their own way. Nothing was left unanswered and for that I am eternally grateful! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Now You See Me

Murders that are similar to the Jack the Ripper killings from the 1880's. Lacy comes across the first unfortunate victim bleeding all over her car. When police arrive she meets Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury. Dana has her walk through everything then sends Lacy to the station with Mark who Lacy gets weird vibes from and doesn't care for already. He seems to be a bit of a hard-ass  Lacy is transferred from her station to Dana's station so they can keep her close since she is a witness to the first murder as well as get her advice on the JTR case similarities. Mark and Lacy have an explosive sexual attraction that leads Mark to be even more of a hard-ass on her causing her to fight her attraction to him. We find out there are sisters who were raped that might be involved in this case and potentially the murderers  When one is found out to be dead that leaves only one. But Lacy has a secret that would ruin her career if it comes to light and she goes out of her way to make sure that doesn't happen. I won't say anymore about that but trust me when I say the ending of the book will make you say, " WHAT!!" and reread it to see where you might have missed some important information hidden in there.
 Mark thinks Lacy is involved in this case as more than a professional way. He will stop at nothing to figure out what she is hiding.
Over all  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The only problem I have with it is that the people I wanted to get together can't see the light so to speak. It is the first in a series of books that I cannot wait to continue reading. I would rate this book a five out of five.