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On The Naughty List by ( Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison)


The most wonderful time of the year is back with On The Naughty List, bringing perennial favorit holiday stories from Lori Fostr and Carly Phillips, along with two Christmas stories that delighted reders a year ago. This sexy anthology will make you want to give your heart to Christmas again and again... Lori Foster has to co-workers plan a Christmas party side-by-side- and discover a love worth celebrating in Christmas Bonus. Carly Phillips explores a "mistletoe moment" when a no-nonsense lawyer intent on seducing her boss meets his twin instead-- and gives him a scintillating kiss that leaves him begging for more in Naughty Under the Mistletoe. In Sugar Jamison's Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas, former wild child Dina Gregory returns home to New York to find the father of her young son. Instead, she finds his stuffy older brother, Ben. Ben can't help but admire her tenacity- and her bold beauty. Could it be that Dina has reignited his Christmas spirit? Beth Ciotta brings two friends who, after years apart, together at home for the holidays. They don't seem to have much in common anymore, but when the two get stranded together during a blizzard, thy are forced to reexamine if they are better off as "just friends"? Or could it be that true love was there all along? in Some Kind of Wonderful.

My Review

***I receive this copy from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinion.***

Even though I had already read one of the stories in this anthology I really enjoyed the other three. In all four stories there are wonderful plots and all the characters leave us wanting more of them. The stories obviously are Christmas stories and who doesn't love a good romance during the holidays? Not only do these stories fullfill that want, but the sweet and steamy attraction between all of them make us jealous of the love they share. From the steamy and sensual, to the fun and hilarious activities they have, I must admit not only was I smiling most of the time, but I throughly enjoyed reading them and was not able to put the book down until I was finished. Overall I am rating this one in at Four Stars!!!


About the Authors

Lori Foster

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori has become a USA Today, Publisher's Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. She has published through a variety of houses,including Kensington, St. Martin's, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Carly Phillips

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Carly Phillips has written over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels that today's readers identify with and enjoy. After  a successful 15 year career with various New York publishing houses, Carly is making the leap to Indie author, with the goal of giving her readers more books at a faster pace at a better price. 

Sugar Jamison

Sgar Jamison is a southern belle trapped in a New Yorker's body. With a love of big hair and high heeled shoes, she spends her day at her very normal job and night dreaming up sweet but sassy romances. 

Beth Ciotta

Storytelling comes naturally to award-winning author Beth Ciotta. Limiting herself to one sub-genre does not. Dubbed "fun and sexy" by Publisher's Weekly, Beth specializes in writing Romantic Comdey with a Twist of Suspense and is published in contemporary, historical, and paranormal romantic fiction. "I can't think of anything more fulfilling than writing stories where everyone (except the villian, of course) gets a happy ending!"

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Once Perfect (Shattered Past #1) by Cecy Robson


His life was never easy. Hers wasn't supposed to be this hard. They come from differnt worlds, but fate lures them together in a way neither expected in Cecy Robson's raw, steamy New Adult debut------- perfect for fans of Monica Murphy and J. Lynn.

Evelyn Preston's future once looked perfect------- until her wealthy father was caught in an embezzlment scandal and took his own life. Alone and struggling to pay her college tuition and bills, Evelyn finds a job as a waitress at the ultra hip nightclub Excess, where she used to have more in common with the privledged private-school clientele than her fellow staff members. But something attracts her to the sexy six -foot- four bouncer and underground MMA fighter Mateo Tres Santos. Although they've led different lives, their troubled past bonds them in both survival and love.

Mateo is ex-army who wound up in prision for assaulting the man who harmed his sister. Now he is feeling the same protective impulse for this petite blonde waitress. When Evelyn experiences a panic attact at the club, Mateo comes to her rescue. And when Mateo is wounded shielding her from a brawl, Evelyn returns the favor and comes to his aid. 

As their attraction intensifies, Mateo is determinded to find out what nightmares are lurking in Evelyn's past----even if that means tackling his own to save her. 

My Review

*** I received this copy from Netgalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinion. ***

Oh how I loved this book!! Evelyn is a former rich girl used to having everything she needs, now she is having to work hard to earn money to survive. She is going to school to be a nurse as well as working as a waitress. When she has a panic attack while getting supplies out of a storage room, Mateo, the guy she has been crushing on for awhle, rescues her and she finally sees that he may like her too. What they go through together  and seperatly is just so interesting and makes you want to read more.

What I loved and didn't love about the book: I love how when the shit hits the fan Mateo is there for Evelyn in all ways. Even when it seems like he is pushing her away, he is really just trying to do what he feels is best for her and not himself.  I really liked the relationship she seems to have with her friend and roommate. Love the way Mateo is so protective of his family and friends. Love the MMA parts lol, who doesn't like a sexy fighter.

I hate how she doesn't want to watch him fight, I do not like how apparantly everyone has been lying to her for quite awhile about her past and have in my opinion prevented her from seeking the help she needed.  I did not like the ex....I got the creepy vibes from him and when we find out what happend to their relationship....yeah....creepy feelings figured out we will say.  I do not like how in the beginning she judged Mateo simply for having been in prision without knowing the whys of it. 

Overall I loved the book and the drama and excitement it had in it. I am rating it in at FIVE STARS!!!!!


About The Author

Cecy Robson is the Penguin  Random House New Adult author of Once Perfect, Once Loved, and Once Pure, and the award-winningg author of the Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talentsa jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song despite her family's vehement protests. A witer, registered nurse, and mother living in the South, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories. 

Connect with Cecy onine at:

Shatter ( True Believers #4) by Erin McCarthy


From the USA Today bestselling author of True, Sweet, and  Believe  comes a tantalizing New Adult novel about finding love in the most unexpected ways...

Kylie Warner prides herself on being optimistic, but after finding her best friend in bed with her boyfriend and flunking chemistry, her upbeat attitude has taken a dive. Even an impromptu hook-up with her sexy new chemistry tutor only brightens her mood slightly. After all, it's not like she'll ever see the tattooed scholor again...

While he's a whiz at complex equations, Jonathan Kadisch has trouble when it comes to figuring out women. So when Kylie tells him that she is pregnant after their night of passion, he's at a complete loss. He's prepared to be a good father---- unlike his own deadbeat dad---- but he is less prepared to fall for the genuine and alluring blonde bearing his child. 

With emotions running high, Kylie wonders if Jonathan's devotion is out of growing love or looming obligation. And when heartbreak threatens to tear them apart, Jonathan will have to fight for the only girl who has ever made him feel whole...

My Review

*** I received this book from NetGalley and the author in exchange for my honest opinions.***

**I apologize for not posting my review earlier as I had planned. There are no excuses but it is what it is and I am truely sorry***

While Kylie seems to be having a rough go of things lately, it was another low for her when she has to get a chemistry tutor. When she first meets Jonathan she is surprised because he wasn't at all what she was expecting. Pleasntly surprised by their growing attraction she and he have a wonderful night of passion. Thinking that things are over between the two of them they both carry on with life until the unexpected surprise.....Kylie is pregnant. 

What I liked and didn't like about the book:  I love the chemistry between the two main characters. I love Jonathan, but at times you just want to smack him across the head and see if he has any common sense shaking around in there.  There are also times with Kylie I hated her, I'm not sure why because I understood her from the beginning, but I just didn't get the connection I look for in a book with her. While that was a problem, it in no  way took away from the book and the pain, love and loss we go through with the characters. 

I have read each of the books in this series and while this one wasn't my favorite, I still really enjoyed it. There was something about this one that really got to me and when you do take the time out of your lives to read will understand. I cried, I laughed and I rolled my eyes until I thought they were going to pop out of my head...after all that I am rating this book in at Four Stars!!!


About The Author

USA Today and New York Times best selling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost 50 novels and novellas in Teen Fiction, New Adult and Adult Romance. Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high heeled boots, beaches and martinis. She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats and a socially awkward dog. 

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Coming: November 15, 2014
Brock Holloway has it all -- money, friends, a bitchin' car and a promising football career. At least, that's what people see. Inside, though, Brock is fighting for something he knows he can never have: Unconditional love. As the child of Aphrodite, he is worshipped, admired, wanted - but never loved.

Zack Duran is a wolverine shifter -- and not a nice guy. Zack's shifter side is always in control, often making him heartless and unfeeling. When Zack is assigned to guard Brock Holloway, his tactless wolverine tendencies become even more prevalent and Zack has to fight his shifter personality AND his genuine feelings for the beautiful football player.

A near tragedy shakes him to his core, and Zack can no longer fight the feelings he has for Brock. But giving in to his emotions may come at too high a price. A startling secret charges Brock with the nearly impossible task of taming Zack's beast. Is he up to the challenge? Can Zack give him what he needs? And with danger working overtime, can they finally be together as they were intended?
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Best selling author, Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research. She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but has finally returned to Arizona.

There is now an Assassin/Shifter website!! Many thanks to the talented Jenn Watts for all her hard work!

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The Billionaire Cowboy ( Billionaire's Club #1) by Mandy Baxter


Billionaire Ryder Blackwell has got it under control. The wealthiest cattle baron this side of the Mississippie, he's built an empire for himself in hopes of getting distance from a tortured past. But when a stunningly sexy--- and strong-willed--new vet comes to town just in time for Christmas, Ryder knows he's met the one spirit he just can't tame...Lara Montgomey doesn't want to be involved with any man, least of all the rich, infuriating, and unbearably sexy Ryder Blackwell. She vows never to tangle with the charming rancher, but when he offers her the ultimate deal---one weekend at his ranch in exchange for a near-priceless horse ----Lara cannot refuse. And as the nights get colder and their attraction gets hotter, Lara's about to get all she's ever wanted for Christmas...

My Review

***I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinions.***

Hello my fellow readers, this was a cute little novella about a sexy and sweetly devious billionaire trying to get a date with the local vet. That about sums it up in a heartbeat lol. Now while this book as a cute and exciting read I have to throw out my one problem with it.....In the description it says how Lara is all he wants for Christmas...well the only time it is mentioned in the book is very short and the whole thing doesn't remind me of a Christmas time book....Now having said that, I still loved the idea of the book. Although Lara is determinded to better her name she is insanely attracted to Ryder and there is no fighting that chemistry. Boy what chemistry it was too lol. 

When we find out about an ex-boyfriend being something of a dick, we get more of an inside look at Lara. Ryder is determinded to show her a good time but the more he is around her the more he is falling. The same could be said for her too, she just cannot fight it anymore. That is all I am tellin you!!! Read the book, it just came out a few days ago. Buy it!!! I'm rating this book in at Four Stars!!!

About The Author

Mandy Baxter lives in rural Idaho. She`s a part-time pet wrangler, a full-time sun worshiper, and only goes out into the cold when coerced. She loves black clothes, pink appliances and thinks junk food should be a recognized food group. In the summer, she can be found sitting by the lake, enjoying the view from her dock. 

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Ignited (Most Wanted #3) By J. Kenner


For fans of Fifty Shades of GreyBared to You, and Release Me comes an all-new erotic series of three enigmatic and powerful men, and the striking women who can bring them to their knees.

He promised to take me as far as I could go—and I wanted to go to the edge.

My whole life has been a cover, a con, a lie. I was born into the grift, raised on the thrill of playing someone I’m not. As a rule, I never let anyone get too close—until Cole August makes it impossible for me to stay away.

Cole is tough, sexy, and intensely loyal, yet his secrets are dark and his scars run deep. Not many women can handle his past, or the truth behind his fierce demands. But something about him beckons me—and our desire is a game I must play.

I know he’s dangerous, that even his touch is trouble, but what is passion without a little risk?

Ignited is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

My Review 

Let me begin by stating  I love  all things Kenner! The fact that i have followed her books for awhile now would make me a dedicated fan  you could say. Which I suppose in a way makes me a bit unstable when a new book of hers is in process of coming out. I had to wait a while  longer than normal to read this one and I can honestly  say that I was a very impatient camper. Now on to the important part of the review lol. 

We as dedicated readers know Cole and the gang already, but we finally getthe in depth look we always wanted. ...and what a look it is too.  Oh my poor baby boy, he's so damaged on the inside and so strong on the outside.  His demons fit well with our lady Kat. While their game of cat and mouse was amusing I must admit the first time thry finally got together I almost combusted from the heat!  Not only do Kat and Cole click  on another level, but she is just as good for him as he is for her.  Their spark is lovely to get lost in and share their journey with them. 

I have to throw this in as well......NIKKI and DAMIEN! !! Ok, screaming is over lol. Our favorite  couple makes an appearance in the bookand I loved it. Just a small glimpse at them was better than nothing. 

I absolutely loved this book, I loved the arguments,  I loved the chemistry and relationship between our characters.  The convsations  were deep but also playful at times. Just overall a sexy ans delightful read. Im rating this one in at FIVE STARS! !!!