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Blood Tree: Silver Edition (Blood Tree) by Scarlett Dawn

*** This is the box set for Blood Tree. It contains Kenna and Juliet's stories, along with Susan's bonus short story ***

Where there is Dark, there is Light.
The two halves make a whole.
Or do they battle for dominance?


Kenna Julius is your average teenage girl. She has a bossy mom, a new boyfriend in school, and she never dreams of enchanted lands or fairy tale castles.

She lives in the real world.
Or so she thought...

Juliet Julius watched her daughter grow into a fierce young woman. She protected her. She guarded her. She sacrificed all she had to give.

Now it’s Juliet’s turn to live.
But she may have a sinister problem of her own...

Susan Julius has loved one man her entire life. He's brilliant, strong, and powerful. And he has never given her any indication he feels the same way.

Though, situations are about to change.
One will be deadly. The other will awaken desire...

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My Review 

Ok, so I have been obsessed with Scarlett Dawn since I read her Forever Evermore series, and when Kenna's story first came to light in the first book I was thrilled! I absolutely love elves..whether they be light or dark, and boy did she do her elves justice!  I was instantly hooked on this story and in my heart I knew Kenna would end up a dark elf. I loved how her place in the elf world unfolded and how she seemed to handle things.

When we find out Samuel is her father I was jumping up and down with excitement!  I couldn't wait to read more of how in the world that happened.  I loved Juliet's story and seeing things from her perspective.  Seeing the other side to Samuel was great. I think it would have been awesome to have a mom like her. I really wanted to cheer when she went for what she wanted. I loved them as a couple even though you know both couples are going to have issues. 

Then!!!! This Silver Edition has come out!!! I saw there was a bonus story about Susan and I almost peed myself I was so excited!  As I read it and saw the chemistry between Susan and ....Randor....wowzers!!! It was almost too much because at times I was waiting almost holding my breath wondering what was going to happen and then nothing!!! All the times she was stuck watching Julius and Kenna I just knew he was going to be ravishing her any second....then nothing just a little word foreplay and bam I'm back to being anxious!!! I tell you if I didn't love Scarlett do much I'd be cursing her for the way she writes lol. Then after much waiting and toying around the real excitement falls into play and the shit hits the fan. We get a highly pissed off Dark Elf who is seriously yummy lol. Just had to throw that in!! Then we find out Randor has a little secret!!!! Whoop! ! I'm not telling!  

Overall I have loved Juliet and Kenna's stories and now I love Susan's as well. I'm rating this bad boy in at five stars!!!!!!! 


New York Times
bestselling author and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, the Mark new adult science fiction saga, and the Lion Security contemporary series.

She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.

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Once Kissed (O'Brien Family #1) by Cecy Robson


Once they shared a night of passion. Now a chance encounter forces them back together. In Cecy Robson’s O’Brien Family series debut—perfect for readers of Monica Murphy and J. Lynn—two total opposites find that the flames of desire are still smoldering.

Tough-as-steel cop Curran O’Brien is quickly rising through the ranks of the Philadelphia police department. But when his rookie partner is almost killed under his watch, Curran just wants to prove he still has what it takes to walk among Philly’s finest. So he’s pissed to be stuck on a cushy security assignment for the DA’s office . . . until he gets a good look at the sweet, straitlaced intern he’s supposed to protect—but not touch.

Tess Newart recognizes Curran instantly. How could she not? Back in college she tied this former frat boy to the bed with her argyle socks! That sizzling one-night stand was the only indiscretion Tess ever allowed herself. She has survived law school so far, despite being pushed to succeed by her overbearing father. Now that she’s interning on a major case against a ruthless crime boss, she won’t jeopardize her career by giving in to temptation again. She just never expected temptation to look so damn hot in uniform.

Tess knows her father has other plans for her, and they don’t include Curran. But soon she’s falling for him all over again. And when danger emerges, Curran will prove just how good a bad-boy cop can be.

My Review 

***I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own. ***

Wow!  This book was filled with so much action and excitement I can barely contain my happiness!  From the beginning there was something. ..just a feeling that this was going to be a good one.  

I love how Tess was a bad girl for a night in her past and landed Curran lol.  Then to run into him again was hilarious.  I loved the nickname he had for her hahaha. She has so much crap in her life she has to deal with.  He father is an asshole and a dangerous one at that. The whole time I was hoping she'd tell him where to shine his money and plans.  The interactions between Tess and Curran were amusing and sweet....also at times downright sexy. 

Poor Curran got a bit of a bad rep when his partner got shot. He's been having a tough time of it, and when his brother asks him to protect some woman he immediately goes on the defensive.  That is unilateral he recognized who she was.  Lol. ....their chemistry is very entertaining and keeps you on your toes.  

I really enjoyed the book, and cannot wait to read more by this author.  I'm rating it in at four stars!  

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No Way Out: Sin by Shari J. Ryan

sin bk 1 banner.jpg

No Way Out: SIN (BOOK ONE)
No Way Out Serial Series; Book 1
86 pages
Published by: Booktrope Editions
Published: October 15, 2015

I’m called Sin. People think there’s a reason for my name, and they might be right.

Most of us think we live in a world that runs on truth, politics, and laws. We don’t. We live in a world full of lies and deceit. That’s why some of us are here in the town of Chipley. Two hundred prisoners and Reese. Sweet, innocent Reese, who was taken and held captive in a shed for three years by my father.

Releasing her is dangerous, but I have to.

She’ll think she’s being saved. She’ll think she’s getting a second chance. She’ll think she’s finding a speck of light in the darkness her world has become.

But the light reveals what the darkness has concealed. And it isn't pretty.

In Shari J. Ryan’s Psychological Thriller, you’ll be left questioning the definition of truth.

**This is a serial novel, which means it is part one of many. THIS IS NOT A STAND-ALONE novel. There will be a cliffhanger. But never fear book 2 will be out soon.**

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Amazon US -> AU -> CA -> UK
Barnes & Noble -> iBooks (Coming Soon)


A loud flutter sounds from the sky, and I look to see if there is a plane up above, wondering where it's coming from and where it's going. The right direction might point us toward a nearby city. Regardless, there's an aircraft, which means Sin and I aren't completely lost in the middle of nowhere. Not as it seems anyway.  A helicopter finally appears on the horizon behind us, and heads in the direction we're walking. The sound of the propellers biting at the wind becomes painfully loud as it flies over our head, and the rush of air nearly knocks me over. I can't help but wonder why it's flying so low over this town.
"Bad timing," Sin says. He stops suddenly and drags me off the path and behind one of the sheds where no one can see us. Over here, I see trees in the distance. They're the first trees I've seen—maybe that means there's a road on the other side of them.
"Should we go that way?" I ask, pointing toward the green blur of leaves.
"No. That's not the right way," he says. Sin squats down, pulling me down with him until I'm resting on my knees. "Listen. In the next few minutes, you might see things that scare you, and when you see what I'm talking about, I'm going to need you to remain calm."
"I am calm." Not necessarily inside, but I'm good at pretending.
"I know you are easily excitable, and I can understand why, but right now, it's important that we stay calm." He places his hands on my shoulders and looks me in the eyes. "Do you understand?"
My skin tingles beneath his touch, even separated by the thin material of my shirt. "Please tell me what's going on."
He nods his head and looks away from me. "We left the safe area. The shed and the basement—those are safe zones, meant for the caretakers. Chipley is an isolated town, imprisoning many people from the outside. Including us."
"Isolated?" Imprisoning… Care takers?
"There's no way out. Not that I have found yet. We're surrounded by an electrified wall." Every piece of hope I had developed over the past twenty-four hours has shattered into a pile of dread. "I don't know if we'll make it out, but we're damn well going to try. And this might be the only way."
"What is the reason we are confined in this town?" I ask, unsure if I want to know the truth.
"You and I are the only two people who don't have a reason to be here. So, I can't answer that." There's no reason for why I was taken. There's no reason for why I'm confined to some compound of a town.
"And there's no reason for why you are suddenly so kind to me… I don't understand any of this, Sin. And I most definitely don't understand you." My breaths shudder as I try to compose my anger, sadness, and fear. "You've been so mean to me, but then there are moments like now, where you're nice. Why?"
"I'm angry," he says through a growl. "Your existence here has made this more complicated than it once was for me. I need to protect you. And for that, part of me feels resentment. However, the other part of me feels deeply connected to you, and for that reason…I can't fully resent you."
"I didn't ask for this," I tell him. "And you don't need to make me your problem."
"It's too late," he says as his hand cups around my cheek. Gentler than I thought capable, he presses his lips against my forehead and pulls me in against his chest. Again, I hear his heart beating—the comforting sound of not being alone. Warmth covers my body from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes. I hate how he makes me feel so many different things at the same time. "Reese, I will do what I can to keep you safe."
"Safe from what?"
Before he has a chance to either ignore my question or answer me, I hear his name called again. "Sin," the voice shouts in a whisper. I glance over Sin's shoulder, seeing that man with the blanket again. JJ. He's limping toward us with a paper bag. Food? I pull out of sin's arms and take a few steps toward the man. I'm starving.
"Is that food?" I ask.
"Reese, no!" Sin shouts.

About the Author:
International Bestselling Author, Shari J. Ryan, hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and two lively little boys. Shari has always had an active imagination and enjoys losing herself in the fictional worlds she creates.

When Shari isn’t writing or designing book covers, she can usually be found cleaning toys up off the floor.

To learn more, visit her: Website, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, you can find her here:   TSu, Pinterest, and Google+.

Shari’s other books: Red Nights, TAG, You’re It, Schasm, Fissure Free, and When Fully Fused.

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The Bad Boy CEO by Sugar Jamison


Colt King has spent his whole life trying to prove he's not the trash his hometown of Destiny, Nevada, thought he and his brothers were. As soon as he was old enough he left town, vowing to make a name for himself and never looking back at the place that looked down on him. But that plan goes out the window when his ailing elderly aunt asks him to come home.

He begrudgingly returns to help the woman who raised him. But he's no longer the poor kid from the bad part of town. He's the ruler of a custom car empire and a financial genius. He arrives expecting a boring stay, but when he walks into his childhood home to find a woman in nothing but her underwear pointing a shotgun at his face, he knows his trip home will be a memorable one. With his aunt sick and forcing him to help her restore her fledgling hair salon, he has more than enough on his plate. Colt has no idea that her sexy tenant, Zanna, is going to be the cause of his many sleepless nights.

Zanna Jacobs came to the ghost town of Destiny to stay out of trouble and stay the hell away from men. She's got a serious thing for bad boys that's she trying to kick, and when she lays her eyes on the brutishly handsome Colt, she knows he's got bad news written all over him. He's not the typical thug she goes for: He's too clean cut, too good looking, and too cold--and when he comes to take over her salon, she's not going to take it. Zanna decides to show him exactly who the boss is. Colt is used to people following his orders, and when Zanna challenges his every word he finds her infuriating and incredibly sexy. He can't keep his hands off her...and knows that once he returns to Las Vegas, all bets are off...

My Review 

*** I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own.***

Holy sexy men on a stick. These brothers are about the hottest thing I have pictured in my mind in a while. You got Duke who is all tough on the outside but I suspect a softy at heart, then you got Colt, who is about as sexy as it gets and is all business, then you got Levi who is the youngest of the bunch, cute and sexy but still has some growing up to do.

When they go back home to help the woman who raised them everything becomes very interesting. First Colt is held at gunpoint, then he finds out he has to basically work in a beauty shop to get it back to the way it needs to be, and also he finds himself having feelings, something he is surely not used to, for a feisty little lady.

There is one scene in this book guaranteed to have you laughing so hard you almost pee yourself, and there is also a part that is so downright sexy you need a fan to cool off. This was a cute and really well written book that I am writing in at 5 stars because not only did I enjoy it but I find myself really wanting to read the next one.

Filthy Rich by Virna DePaul


High finance and a sizzling office affair raise desire and passion to the boiling point in Virna DePaul’s seductive new contemporary romance—perfect for fans of Carly Phillips, Lori Foster, and Molly O’Keefe.

Cara Michal has had to fight every step of the way to earn her place in the glittering seven-figure world of Wall Street. Years ago her hardworking father, a small-time investment adviser, was humiliated and wrongfully accused of fraud. Now Cara is at the top of her game, trying to support not only herself but her mother and brother. The occasional night out dancing soothes Cara’s soul, even as a bitter need for revenge against the man who destroyed her father makes inner peace elusive.

Then, in a moment of heat, Cara kisses a sexy stranger at a party—only later to discover that the man is Branden Duke, her new boss, an infamous operator with a wicked reputation in bed and on the Street. Branden is a man who seemingly has it all—except a woman who connects with him on a physical and emotional level. Now that he’s found Cara, he’s not sure he can let her go, even if he should.

In spite of herself, Cara is drawn to this charismatic guy. He is a challenge like none she has ever faced in her life. Their passion for each other is unquenchable, surprising them both with its ferocity. Even as Cara wonders if she can trust this man with her heart and soul, the ecstasy of their love cannot be denied. But when the past threatens the present, the two are faced with a truth from which they may never recover

My Review 

***I should first state that I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own. ***

When I was given the opportunity to review this book, I got really excited. While I have only read one other book by this author I throughly enjoyed that book so I had high hopes of this one being good. Cara works way too hard I'm surprised she hasn't killed herself by now with all the work she does. When she finds herself drawn to a mysterious stranger at a party, things got really interesting. When she finds out the very next day that not only does she have to deal with her mysterious stranger more often, but also that he has bought the company that she works at, the s*** hit the fan.

While these two are working on trying to figure out their feelings for each other, there is darkness looming closer. Someone is watching her, someone is watching him for that matter. The thing that they cannot figure out is why they are being watched and who is doing the watching. Now they have their suspicions and he has people investigating who may be responsible, but it just raises more questions.

I can only tell you that towards the very end of the book things got so exciting my heart rate was up! Not only are these two very sexy and steamy and hot together, but this scary someone finally comes out of the woodwork and we get to see just how crazy they are. Overall I'm reading this book in it four stars, I for one enjoyed the story, craziness and all, I can't wait to read more books by this author.

Everything I Left Unsaid (Everything I Left Unsaid, #1) by Molly O'Keefe



Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas, K. Bromberg, and Joanna Wylde will be unable to resist this sexy, deeply intimate tale of a woman running from her past, and the darkly mysterious man who sets her free. 
I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me.
And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.
His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.

My Review

***I received this ARC from Netgalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own. ***

From the very beginning the book grabs your attention with all the details that are listed. I really like how intense the first conversation was when she answered a phone that didn't belong to her. His voice on the other end of the phone was very sexy in my mind so I was able to imagine things as they went along. The more she talked to him the more I knew she was hiding something I just wasn't sure what she was hiding or who she was running from.

Things continue in this manner she keeps an eye on certain people and begins to learn more about where she's living and about the people. The only problem is the person she is supposed to be watching isn't it all who she thought he was and she's not sure what to believe about him. When things happen in the trailer park and she is forced to go into hiding at his house, that's when the s*** hits the fan.

I wasn't sure what to make of the first encounter, I understand that he has some issues and some scars that he didn't want her to see but hiding in the shadows is just a tad bit creepy. I love how she got them out of the shadows so that was very very cool. Their interactions after that or downright sexy as hell. Then this is where I start to get confused and anxious as to what's going to happen. When she gets back to her house, or trailer, she sees one of her so called friends who she is done nothing but try to help, and this woman apologizes to her and I was so confused as to what was going on why would she apologize.

The way that we were left hanging I can only imagine what's going to happen, I'm glad that we finally know exactly what happened and why she is where she was, and who she was running from. But there are still so many questions which is why I cannot wait to begin the next book and find out what's going on. Overall I'm rating this book in at 4 stars.

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Review: Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson

Title: Major Misconduct

Series: (Aces Hockey #1)

Author: Kelly Jamieson


In Kelly Jamieson’s seductive new Chicago Aces romance—perfect for readers of Sawyer Bennett and Toni Aleo—a fun-loving free spirit tempts an uptight hockey star into opening himself up to love.

As the captain of the Chicago Aces, Marc Dupuis is all business. The apartment he shares with his teammate and best friend, Duncan, is a refuge from the pressures of fame. But when the sexiest woman he’s ever seen interrupts his early morning coffee wearing only a skimpy cami and matching panties, Marc can’t exactly say he minds. Their chemistry is off the charts. Unfortunately, this girl’s no random puck bunny. She’s Duncan’s little sister—and she’s moving in.

Lovey Armstrong could stare at Marc’s chiseled abs and listen to his French-Canadian accent all day. She just has no idea what’s going on inside his head: When he’s not charming her pants off, Marc makes a Zamboni machine seem warm and cuddly. Lovey knows the team’s bro code says no messing with sisters, but all these mixed messages are hard on a girl’s self-esteem—especially since she’s finally getting her new life together in Chicago. She decides he’s worth another shot . . . because if anyone can melt the ice around Marc’s heart, it’s Lovey.


I think this was a wonderful beginning to this  new series. I was smiling through most of the book and really enjoying the antics of the characters. I find myself really addicted to books where the main characters are professional sport players of some type. I personally love hockey and that was why I originally asked to review this book. I must say Marc was tres beau  (very good looking) and  I wanted to be Lovey so bad lol. I really liked Lovey and her attitude, she just makes you love her with the way she acts. I wanted her to succeed so much and was rooting for her even when her brother wasn't. When Marc stood up for her I was sighing on the ...well lets be honest here, I sighed out loud not just on the inside lmao. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and loved the characters and the way the author portrayed them. I am already anxious to read the next in the series and see who it will be about, I would love to see Army get hooked and reeled in. I cannot wait to read even more by this author and I am rating this bad boy in at four stars. 

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