Sunday, September 29, 2013

Safe In His Arms

When I started reading this book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it after I read the first chapter. Then suddenly I was drawn in like a movie and didn't want it to end. The only problem I had with it was the BDSM involved. I like a good BDSM book just like the next person, but for some reason this one didn't do it for me and the author is very lucky I loved the storyline so much which makes up for it. For some reason it felt fake as hell and forced at times, I can't really explain it, just that others that I have read draw me into the sex scenes and I almost feel like I'm there, but this one just didn't do that for me during these scenes and caused me to skip through them after the first two scenes I read. As for the rest of the book, I still wish I could keep reading and am sad it's over. Overall I would rate this at a four star book and if the author works on her sex scenes in future books I'm sure I will be happy to vote them at four or higher!!

Freedom to Submit ( Freedom, Colorado, Book 1)

This is the first book in the Freedom, Colorado series which and the second book buy this author that I have ever read. I wasn't a huge fan of the first book I had read, because I seem to be confused for most of it. This book however was a little bit better, except that I didn't like the two male characters as much as in the first book I read. I wasn't able to connect with either one of them and I also wasn't able to connect with the female character. I found it all a little too surreal how quickly they fell for each other, and how they acted through most of the book. If the book was a movie I feel like it would have gotten terrible reviews. The only exciting part for me was at the very end of the book, where we find something unexpected has happened with someone who was supposed to be trusted. Although I must say I have certain feelings about this person and knew they were up to no good. All in all the book was at best 3 stars even though I wish I could give more I just am not able to.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Shadow Fall

When I first began reading Shadow Fall, I was confused so I set out to find the first book in the series and upon doing so stumbled into the world of wraiths,and someone called Shadowman. After I finished the first book, and was finally able to read this book without being lost and confused I must say I really, really enjoyed it. I liked Custo from the first book and was very upset at his death. Being able to have him come back in this book was wonderful. I did get a little confused at what Annabella was able to do. Having finished the book, I would have to say that I would rate it at four stars and I cannot wait to read the next installment.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anything for a Dollar

When I first started this book I was a little concerned I wasn't going to like it. But after the first story I have to say I was hooked. These are stories about guys that either are needing the money desperately or just seem to do it as a job.  There are some stories that I hated, and some I loved. I'm not going to list each and every story because that would take awhile as there are numerous stories in it, but I will say that these stories have you feeling something for the young men trying to earn their money. In one story I almost cried for the guy paying for sex though because he has himself convinced that he is in love with this guy and that he has feelings for him too. When morning comes and his money has run out the young man kicks him out of his bed telling him if he wants to stay its ten dollars, when he sits there finally understanding the guy only cares for him when he pays for it he dresses quickly. It just broke my heart, poor fella. Then there is one story that confuses the hell out of me. It seems there are a bunch of models running the street pulling their pants open and their privates flopping in the wind then they get on a train and someone gives one of them oral sex. I was so lost at that point I had no clue what was going on so I would say that one was an epic fail. Overall I would rate this book at four stars. I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for my honest opinion. 

Secret Santa

I always love the books that come out during the holidays, the Christmas ones are my favorite though. This book is called Secret Santa and has four different stories by four different authors. I have only ever read books by two of the authors and that is why I requested to read it, but I have to say other than one great story I was sadly disappointed.

  Mister Christmas by Fern Michaels: I have read numerous books by this author and it has been hit or miss for each book of her's I have read. This one was a little bit of in the middle of that.  I loved the idea of a wealthy man inviting his lawyer to his home overseas saying he was dying, which turns out to be a ruse because he wants her to marry his handsome nephew. Now where it starts to go haywire is after she refuses to marry him and decides to leave, they start getting hot for each other. He takes her in his private plane to go home and all of a sudden they are in a relationship. I know the author had to make it a short story, but she could have made it more believable. I do like the ending, it's very touching and in the Christmas spirit, but I still didn't care for it.

The Yellow Rose of Christmas by Marie Bostwick: I absolutely hated this story, I had to force myself to read all of it. I was confused at times and just plain bored at others. I didn't care for the characters, I didn't even really care for the story the author was trying to convey. Overall I repeat, I hated it.

Nightmare on Elf Street by Laura Levine: I loved this story, I laughed my butt off frequently while reading it and only wished it could have been longer. Janie goes for a job interview based on a fib, and is told she is exactly what they are looking for, only if she agrees to be an elf in the Store for Christmas. Wanting the job she agrees and is given a horrible costume. While being an elf, there is some romance, not for her, mischief, mayhem and even murder ( he had it coming). I was drawn into this story so much and can't say how much I loved it.

Room at the Inn by Cindy Myers: I had never read anything by this author before, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This story shows the true meaning of having Christmas spirit. The characters are amazing and their stories are so wonderful. This story left me wanting more, I want to know what happens afterwards.

Overall I would rate this book at a three stars since I only cared for two stories. I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest opinion.

Deceitfully Yours

I really enjoyed this book, it was refreshing to read a BDSM book where the dom didn't come from some kind of tragic background, he does it because he enjoys it. Now grated there is some tragic back story there, but it has nothing to do with his sexual choices. I was confused at first as to why Kylie is doing what she does for her boss Mason. I would have either turned him in by now or run away. When she finally gets with Jude and they fall for each other so quickly I was a little concerned because, if she loved him so much why didn't she tell him the truth? What was going on in her head, he's rich, he's powerful, he could help her and instead she continues on with the ruse. When everything hits the fan and Jude learns he has been betrayed I feel so sorry for him. I truly loved his character, and I personally never would have given her a second chance. But I must say the ending, though sweet, left something to be desired. It left me thinking there must be a second book coming to explain more things to us. If there isn't then I guess I'll be in the dark, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Love at First Date

I thought this book was like a breath of fresh air, the characters were just cute and loveable and the story line was just perfect. Ellen just turned thirty and wonders where the guy is for her, so she signs up on a dating website and gets down to business. There are two guys that really have her attention and seem like they may be the one she's looking for, but only a face to face meeting will tell. When her friend Rachael begs her to dogsit Chester, the dog from hell that chewed up her new boots last time she was near him, at first she says no way, but when she learns her friend has a date she finally agrees. Arriving at Rachael's and watching her leave with a hot guy she decides to schedule a face to face with one of the guys on the website. After doing that she finds poor Chester choking on something from her purse, that he has emptied out and gone through. Not sure what he ate and worried because he is hacking up a lung, she rushes to the vet where she meets a hot as hell guy who saves Chester. Henry is everything she could ask for in a guy and when she finds out he and his dog are enrolled in a dog obedience class she decides to enroll Chester. The next day she picks up Chester and takes him again only to find Henry wearing the same clothes as the day before and looking worn out. Disappointed because he obviously has a girlfriend, she goes out with Craig, one of her guys from the dating website. I have to say, this date was hilarious to me, the guy spent more time checking things off of a list than actually getting to know Ellen, and his personality would have put me way, way off. Sadly she agrees to a second date, and here I wondered what the hell was she thinking. She then agrees to go out with the other guy she thought might be a good match from the dating website and it turns out to be a disaster. He looks nothing like what his picture looks like and she doesn't want to start a relationship out with a lie. Giving him some advice she then leaves. I don't want to tell you too much more about the book, because you should read it for yourself, it's such a cute book and really is something for everyone to read. I rated this book a four out of five stars. I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Monday, September 9, 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Having never read any of the Dark Protectors series, I was a little lost with the characters, however I loved the book. I wish I knew more about what was going on all around, but overall I got a good idea, and I loved the story line.  Apparently Jase was a happy , fun loving guy who was captured by demons, since then he has been angry and wanted revenge. Having lost most of his powers while captured he seizes the opportunity to mate with Brenna who has some disease that is slowly killing her. But if he mates with her she will supposedly regain her strength as well as he will get her powers. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he wants her powers for vengeance and that is why he has agreed to the mating.  Brenna has apparently always had some kind of feelings for Jase, but when she is forced to mate to save her own life she is disappointed that the only reason he wants to mate with her is for her powers. She feels a great attraction to him and when they mate it only grows stronger. When their powers don't come into play at first and Brenna doesn't begin to get better that is when I feel like the story gets better. There are some crazy people out there in some group that want to kill Brenna before her birthday, there is some prophecy that she will gain powers out of this world and kill everyone and destroy the world. So through most of the book they are chasing her and trying to kill her, along with those nuts are the demons that had captured Jase. They are after him again but also want to kill Brenna, especially this one crazy female demon who is pissed that Jase mated with Brenna and not her. I love the final fight scene in this book, I did a lot of fist pumping, but some of the fights leading up to it I was a little disappointed and yelled at them haha. Overall I would say this book deserves a four star rating and I have to get on it and read more in the series I think!!

Will in Scarlet

Although I am a huge fan of Robin Hood, I have to say this book was very disappointing. Not only was it hard for me to get into the characters, but I could't even make it though a chapter without screaming at the book. " Oh my God", and "Are you kidding me?" became part of my everyday rantings.  My family began to look at me like I was insane. Even though the author had a great idea and wanted us to learn of how Robin Hood came to be, I have to say the thing that thew me off the most was the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, whose idea was that even? I have to say that was a terrible idea, whoever decided to do that was way  wrong. They more than likely thought it would make the reader wonder what is going on and can't wait to get to that part, but all it did for me was ruin the book. I can't rate this book as more than 2 stars. 

The 30 Day Praise Challenge

Although this isn't the type of book I normally review, I had to give this one a try because it called out to me in a way. After reading what it was about and the things I would be doing I welcomed it with open arms. Who doesn't want to be closer to God and have their faith become stronger? I love that there are musical selections you can listen to while praising God as well as it wants you to keep a journal and keep track of your praising and what you learn about your faith as well as yourself. I myself have always had a problem keeping up with a journal, I would start one then forget about it or start it and not know what the heck to say. I always felt stupid starting out with the Dear Diary lol. While doing this challenge, I must say my praying has gotten better, I always felt like I needed to work on that. Well doing it for 30 days, 20 min a day has made me at least feel like I'm better at it haha. I do feel like my faith has grown and that I can put everyday in his hands and know that he will help me along the path he wants me to take. I suggest everyone at least try to give this book a chance. I challenge you to do the 30 Day Challenge and if at the end you don't feel like your faith has grown....well where was the harm in trying?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Demon's Desire

I started out super excited to read this book as I love paranormal romance novels. As I read I have to say that I was really into it, the characters were so wonderful and made me want to read each and every one of their stories as well. I could picture Terra Noctem as if I had really been there. The character Dru really was a great character as well, being a kick ass vampire is always amazing, adding that with the fact that she is secretly attracted to the fallen angel Meresin it makes for some really great reading time. Dru doesn't understand her attraction to him and doesn't really want a relationship after her disastrous and failed relationship in the past. I must throw in that even though farther into the book we learn what happened  I wish there had been more of a back story on that event since it had such a lasting effect on her.  I absolutely  love Meresin!!! His character is dark and stormy and sexy as hell!!! He makes you want to grab him and never let him go. Who doesn't love those bad boys? Though he is notoriously bad tempered and hard headed, I wouldn't have wanted any other guy as  the match for Dru. They go through some hard times where they have to go, but in the end it was worth it I would say. I don't want to give away too many details but I will say that their love scene is incredible!

Eat Play Lust

I totally loved this book!! It started out so cute with Cami waiting for her yoga student while reminiscing about her mother's recent visit. Nothing but healthy food for them while she was there, now she is craving something so badly because she is starving. When she sees Paul shes a little light headed, is it from the instant attraction or is it from hunger?  I love Paul's character, he just puts his foot in his mouth repeatedly and it's adorable to me and made me really enjoy him. When we make it back to her apartment over her studio, she begins cooking her secret craving. I laughed my butt off the way she was so sexual about eating it. I have had moments like that with certain food and I can totally understand her on a personal level. When we find out she used to be overweight I cheered for her, because she is in awesome shape and still caves and eats her secret pleasure food, but I also feel sorry for her for having the mindset that she does about foods. I recommend this book to everyone!!! IT is an awesome read and I hope I get to read more by this author soon!!!

Bodyguards of Pleasure

I like how the beginning of the book has you already anticipating what will happen to Brooke, however I have a serious problem in the fact that the author started tossing out names  so quickly I got confused for a minute there. Granted I haven't read any other books in this series, but still I was so lost. Plus Brooke is scared one minute then joking around about how good someone looks in pink, I mean who does that? The way her emotions are all over the place is a little odd. I do like her character though. As I continued to read I still was undecided about the overall story going on. I do like where it was going, girl sees murder, turns out murderer is after her now, guys become her bodyguards, then lovers, then well you know how that story line goes right? There were a lot of places in the book I did enjoy, I just didn't care for  the two male characters in the book, I had trouble connecting with them. Overall it's a decent book, but just wasn't for me.