Sunday, September 8, 2013


Having never read any of the Dark Protectors series, I was a little lost with the characters, however I loved the book. I wish I knew more about what was going on all around, but overall I got a good idea, and I loved the story line.  Apparently Jase was a happy , fun loving guy who was captured by demons, since then he has been angry and wanted revenge. Having lost most of his powers while captured he seizes the opportunity to mate with Brenna who has some disease that is slowly killing her. But if he mates with her she will supposedly regain her strength as well as he will get her powers. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he wants her powers for vengeance and that is why he has agreed to the mating.  Brenna has apparently always had some kind of feelings for Jase, but when she is forced to mate to save her own life she is disappointed that the only reason he wants to mate with her is for her powers. She feels a great attraction to him and when they mate it only grows stronger. When their powers don't come into play at first and Brenna doesn't begin to get better that is when I feel like the story gets better. There are some crazy people out there in some group that want to kill Brenna before her birthday, there is some prophecy that she will gain powers out of this world and kill everyone and destroy the world. So through most of the book they are chasing her and trying to kill her, along with those nuts are the demons that had captured Jase. They are after him again but also want to kill Brenna, especially this one crazy female demon who is pissed that Jase mated with Brenna and not her. I love the final fight scene in this book, I did a lot of fist pumping, but some of the fights leading up to it I was a little disappointed and yelled at them haha. Overall I would say this book deserves a four star rating and I have to get on it and read more in the series I think!!

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