Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eat Play Lust

I totally loved this book!! It started out so cute with Cami waiting for her yoga student while reminiscing about her mother's recent visit. Nothing but healthy food for them while she was there, now she is craving something so badly because she is starving. When she sees Paul shes a little light headed, is it from the instant attraction or is it from hunger?  I love Paul's character, he just puts his foot in his mouth repeatedly and it's adorable to me and made me really enjoy him. When we make it back to her apartment over her studio, she begins cooking her secret craving. I laughed my butt off the way she was so sexual about eating it. I have had moments like that with certain food and I can totally understand her on a personal level. When we find out she used to be overweight I cheered for her, because she is in awesome shape and still caves and eats her secret pleasure food, but I also feel sorry for her for having the mindset that she does about foods. I recommend this book to everyone!!! IT is an awesome read and I hope I get to read more by this author soon!!!

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