Sunday, September 8, 2013

Will in Scarlet

Although I am a huge fan of Robin Hood, I have to say this book was very disappointing. Not only was it hard for me to get into the characters, but I could't even make it though a chapter without screaming at the book. " Oh my God", and "Are you kidding me?" became part of my everyday rantings.  My family began to look at me like I was insane. Even though the author had a great idea and wanted us to learn of how Robin Hood came to be, I have to say the thing that thew me off the most was the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, whose idea was that even? I have to say that was a terrible idea, whoever decided to do that was way  wrong. They more than likely thought it would make the reader wonder what is going on and can't wait to get to that part, but all it did for me was ruin the book. I can't rate this book as more than 2 stars. 

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