Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bodyguards of Pleasure

I like how the beginning of the book has you already anticipating what will happen to Brooke, however I have a serious problem in the fact that the author started tossing out names  so quickly I got confused for a minute there. Granted I haven't read any other books in this series, but still I was so lost. Plus Brooke is scared one minute then joking around about how good someone looks in pink, I mean who does that? The way her emotions are all over the place is a little odd. I do like her character though. As I continued to read I still was undecided about the overall story going on. I do like where it was going, girl sees murder, turns out murderer is after her now, guys become her bodyguards, then lovers, then well you know how that story line goes right? There were a lot of places in the book I did enjoy, I just didn't care for  the two male characters in the book, I had trouble connecting with them. Overall it's a decent book, but just wasn't for me. 

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