Friday, August 23, 2013


This book by Eden Bradley had two different stories inside it. There was the story of a woman coming out of a divorce who hasn't been able to find what she lost before her marriage even ended and also there was the story of a woman who had some deep issues that made her seem like an Ice Queen.  I have to say that I loved each of these stories and couldn't put the book down. There was instant connection with the characters of Seven Days of Kama Sutra staring the lovely Lilli and the unbelievably hot and sexy Rajan. Lilli has was put down and demeaned for so long during her marriage she doesn't feel like she is good enough for anyone. When her friend Caroline convinces her to come to Exotica and let her self go and enjoy some her time she agrees but isn't sure what to expect. When she meets Rajan she feels instant attraction, who wouldn't the description of his is just yummy. He is there to do whatever she wants during her time there. He wants to show her all the pleasure she can handle.  When they start to feel more for each other than they should Rajan embraces it but Lilli doesn't think it could work because of his job.  When their time is over she leaves and is convinced she will never see him again. When he shows up at her home unannounced I melted. Truly a wonderful story and the sex was outrageously hot.

The second story in the book is called Nine Days of Arabian Nights and stars Caroline and Kian. Caroline has suffered through something for a very long time and the guilt has hardened her to an Ice Queen. When her friend Lilli convinces her to give herself over to her new employee to basically chill out she agrees reluctantly. When she first meets Kian she tells him he will be auditioning for his job with her, when he agrees she is all over the place with her emotions. At first she is excited then shes worried then she decides she wants get my point. Anyway, soon he has her in his bed and she fights her orgasm like crazy. I feel like she feels like she doesn't deserve it. Kian is confused but also curious about her and decides to invest a lot of time into her. He has never felt this pull toward anyone and wants to investigate it. She fights but eventually tells Kian the terrible thing that befell her and feels better after having shared. When they fall for each other she is devastated to find out he has been lying to her the whole time. She leaves Exotica with the plans to never return and he hunts her down to confess his secret.

I really loved this book with its heartfelt and sexy stories, overall I would rate this at a four star book.

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