Sunday, August 18, 2013

Claimed ( Club Sin Book 1)

Presley moved to Las Vegas to be with her boyfriend of eight years, only after she has left everything and everyone behind does she find out he has cheated on her. Broken hearted she moves in with a friend and tries to get her life back together. When her friend sees her reading BDSM books she confides in Presley that she lives the lifestyle and would love to introduce her to the owner of the club she goes to. When Presley meets Dmitri all her secret desires come to life. Not only does he allow her entrance into the club but he personally agrees to be her trainer. 

I loved this book! From the way Presley first met Dmitri to her first introduction in the lifestyle. Even the characters were so real I didn't feel like I was reading a book I was watching a movie. Cora was a hoot, and I hope the next book in the series is about her and her conquests. I love all the Masters as well, and hope to read more about them. I don't' want to say too much about this book because you need to read it for yourselves. Overall I would rate this book a five out of five stars and cannot wait to read the next in the series!!!

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