Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unscrupulous ( Book 2 in the Manhattanites)

 Oh my God, where to start...I liked this book WAY more than the first book in the series. The characters were very believable and connectable for me. Here is a breakdown of what I loved and didn't like in the book:

Loved: Taddy is a strong, independent woman who has fought her way to be at the top the way she is. Every penny she has made she has earned, without any help from her family. The way she cares for and helps out her friends when they are in need is very commendable and something I can relate to as well. The things she has gone through in her life, for example, emancipating at the tender age of sixteen really makes her seem so tough and self assured, but that isn't the case in some matters. All she wants is someone to love her, but she is afraid of love as well because of what she has gone through with her parents. They basically abandoned her if you ask me, sending her off to boarding school and not contacting her at all. Then even today all these years later she is in contact with her mothers sister, but not her parents. I loved how the author set up the meeting of Warner and Taddy and although their love felt a little rushed on his part, I did love their connection. The love scenes are unbelievably sexy and steamy just the way I like them. The ending seemed to leave room for more on this amazing power couple and I wouldn't mind reading more of their life and love together. I just want to throw in here that I loved Warner, his character is totally sexy and we feel sorry for him the way his ex did him. Sexy, hot, rich and powerful are a heady combination for any man, real or not lol.

Didn't Love: I couldn't say Hated for this part because nothing in the book earned that powerful of a word, because I did enjoy it. The only thing I really didn't like so much was the way all of the characters were stuffed in here. Even though I did enjoy reading more back story of how Lex got her business up and running, it just seemed like Birdie popped in this book way too much for my liking.

Well that is all I can think of to say without giving away too much of the book. I would totally recommend this book to everyone that loves a good read.

*** I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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