Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dead On Ice

Dead on Ice is a thrilling murder mystery by Lauren Carr that really grabs your attention with the drama at the skating rink to start off with then really makes your mind work overtime when you get to the mysterious disappearance of Angie Sullivan. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance make you wonder who, what, when and where. It was fun to continue reading all the theories throughout the book as to what really happened to her. When I got to the end and read what really had happened to her I was amazed at the way the author was able to keep me guessing through the entire book and I was still wrong. 

I loved the discovery of Cherry Pickens and the investigation that followed that discovery. It was written very well and was informative in the way that it had us guessing what was going on and how she had ended up stuffed in that refrigerator.  The author really keeps you guessing and throws out information at shocking moments. 

The way the characters are written it was easy to feel their happiness as well as their sadness. The introduction of Joshua Thornton and his romance with Detective Cameron Gates was interesting and very real. I was able to understand the way their relationship was going and even cheered when they got time to be alone as well as laughed when Joshua's son found them in the basement together. There are some very serous parts to this little murder mystery but also some little laughs as well which make it an awesome read for people who love mysteries. I would recommend this book to everyone. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Release Me

Release Me is an amazing book by J. Kenner about a woman named Nikki Fairchild who has finally gotten away from a controlling mother who forced her to do pageants and is now working for a company where she hopes to learn the business and open her own one day.Forced to go to a party by  her new boss, she is given the task of meeting Damien Stark and getting on his good side. Thinking Damien has probably forgotten their one meeting years ago at a pageant, she is reintroduced to him and everyone is surprised by the rudeness of that encounter when he walks away with a lame excuse.

Skipping forward a bit, Nikki is fired by her boss because Damien decides not to invest in the idea they had. Then there is one other problem,  Nikki has a burning desire to be with Damien but is afraid of how he would react to her scars. Nikki is a recovering cutter and has scars on the inside of her thighs that she thinks is disgusting and has been told by a previous boyfriend that her face was the only reason he could stand to be with her. When Damien asks Nikki to model for a nude painting for his new home she at first flat out refuses, but when he offers her a large sum of money she accepts since she needs money to begin her own business eventually. When she tells Damien that the painting has to be what she looks like exactly he is all for it and tells her that her scars do not matter, because to him they don't. He has scars on the inside worse than what she has on the outside.

Nikki begins to suspect that Damien was sexually abused as a child, but hesitant to say anything to him about it, she only tells him if he wants to talk she is there for him. There is also the matter of a mysterious death of a previous girlfriend hanging over them. The ex's brother is constantly blaming Damien for her death saying that he murdered her. To protect Nikki he pays him off but then shit really hits the fan.......and leaves you waiting impatiently for the next book!!!!!

I really loved the way J. Kenner hooks you into the book and doesn't let you go! I read the entire book in one day because I couldn't put it down. I give high praise to the author and would recommend this book to anyone and everyone!