Saturday, November 30, 2013

Office Toy

Description: Elle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way. 
She loves her first tastes of liberated, naughty sex. But she’d better not start falling for her boss—no matter how safe he makes her feel—because while office sex is encouraged, romance is strictly forbidden.

Publication Date: December 1, 2012

Review: I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. did I feel about this book???? I have to say that it was just okay. Although it was a short book I felt like the author could have put a little more into it. For some reason here lately I have been getting this books to read and they are not turning out to be what I am expecting. Yes the description of the book says that during her interview she gets naked quickly, but as I was reading this I wasn't sure how I was feeling about it. She comes in and the guy behind the receptionist desk is rude, then when she is in her interview she is practically immediately told to get naked.....I mean hello....isn't she at all concerned about this unexpected change of events? Yes the author expresses her feelings a little here, but not enough for me to connect with the character at all. Then all of a sudden she is have a four way...granted the guys are all hot, but wow!!! It was so out of the normal....The book was just totally unbelievable. Now I don't always have to connect to the characters to enjoy a book , but it does make it more enjoyable for me when I do. I was curious as to what would happen next so I did get the sample of the next book through Amazon, but it was a little ridiculous so I didn't spend my money on it. I rated this with two stars.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton

Description: When faced with a rakish, lusty husband, what is a proper English wife to do but educate herself in the art of bedplay?

“Marriages are strange things, none stranger perhaps than this betwixt me and my lord husband.”

Lady Cecelia is married to the dashing and philandering Lord William Stanton, a situation that would distress even the most composed and refined gently-born lady. However, Cecelia has a secret balm to her dissatisfaction: her maid, Bess Miller.

Cecelia’s inexperience and William’s insatiable appetites fuel her desire to learn, and Bess is a willing teacher. Then, when Cecelia blossoms into pregnancy and can no longer accommodate William’s needs, he distances himself, and Bess becomes her only solace and comfort — and the channel for her most intimate desires. As Cecelia struggles to understand her own feelings, gossip begins to spread. William starts asking questions, and wicked confessions must be made...

Publication Date: December 1, 2013

Review:  When I started this I was unsure of if I was going to like it or not, but within a short amount of time it became obvious I did. I've always been a fan of historical romances, there is something about that time frame that is just sexy when written correctly. Cecelia is a handful from the beginning of the book, when she grows up and is told she is to be married to Lord Stanton she is very  upset. Yes Lord Stanton is a good looking man, and he isn't old or anything, but he is known to be a ladies man. With her wedding night upon her she is disappointed when it isn't anything exciting for her. Her husband is a bit disappointed as well that she doesn't share his appetite for sex. That is all I'm going to share of the book with you! I will say that after that night things change and for the better! There is some sexual things in here that I'm not really used to reading, but it wasn't disgusting or anything for those concerned! I feel like this is a wonderful and sexy book that is enjoyable to read. 

He's Irresistible Collection

Description:  Love at First Date by Susan Hatler 

Ellen may not believe in storybook love, but it’s about to rewrite her life. . . . 

Ellen’s figured out that finding the right guy is all about compatibility. That’s why she signs up for Detailed Dating—the local online dating scene in Sacramento. They ask men the hard questions, compare their answers with hers, then she filters through the profiles of each provided “match.” After numerous email exchanges, she narrows it down to two promising candidates she’s excited to meet in person. 

When Ellen’s best friend asks her for a favor, dog-sitting leads to disaster and Ellen ends up at the local vet where she meets a man she can’t get out of her mind. Henry isn’t a logical choice, but she finds herself paying for dog obedience class to spend more time with him. 

Ellen knows that in order to have a lasting relationship, she should take the safe route and go for one of the pre-screened guys. But, how can she think with her head when her heart keeps begging her to give Henry a chance? 

 From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade 

When good-girl Maddie switches places with her famous bad-girl twin Jackie, she has some pretty high stilettos to fill. 

Despite the danger of tabloid drama if their identity swap is discovered, Maddie has to save her sister's butt. When Jackie’s ex-boyfriend shows up with a rekindled spark for “Jackie,” his deep gray eyes and sweet kisses make Maddie's heart thumpety thump. But dating the guy who dumped her sister is a no-no. Too bad Dallas isn’t used to girls saying no. What will happen when he discovers Maddie’s deception? 

 Wild For Mr. Wrong by Virna DePaul 

Can an uptight prosecutor and a laid-back defense attorney find love despite their opposing agendas? 

Bryn Donovon became a prosecutor for a reason and defense attorney Daniel Mays seems to take his job about as seriously as he does his love life. While straight-laced Bryn can’t deny she’s attracted to the southern charmer, she’s determined to keep her distance. Instead, she ends up finding something she’d lost long ago—a willingness to risk all for love.

Publication Date: Oct 8, 2013

Review: I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinion. I have previously read Love at First Date in another collection of books, I did enjoy reading it again as it is a cute short read though. The next book however, I disliked immensely. Twins trading places and one falling for the other's ex??? Um negative ghost rider( as my kids say) There was something just a little gross about the whole thing...even though apparently the other sister and he had never "got it on" I just couldn't get into it.  The third book in the collection was decent, I did like the story line because it made me feel sorry for them both at the end, but still it wasn't my favorite of books. Bryn acts ridiculous at times and makes you want to smack her for being such a b****! 


Awakening the Warriors

Description: Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary (and safe) life and volunteer as a colonist to terra‐form a new earth. Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers.
She has one chance of escape. Awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.
A desperate job, but someone has to do it.

Publication Date: May 1, 2013

Review: I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinion. Even though this book was short, it was stuffed with excitement and sex scenes sure to get your heart a stuttering. We feel terrible for our Darkon guys when they are beaten by the guards for fun. When Fran talks to the other prisoners they decide she must be the one to go to them and get their help. The guys are sexy and very dominating, as we like most of our guys to be, but they are bleeding and dirty so Fran takes it upon herself to clean them up. What follows is too much for me to post and something you really should read yourself :)


Monday, November 18, 2013

After the Fall

This was the second of the Tucker Springs series I have read, but sadly I didn't care for this one as much as the other I had read and I just am not sure why. I guess because it was such a great book I had high hopes this one would be as well. Nathan gets on my every last nerve! What a guy I tell you. Even though the idea of this book really is well written, I just had trouble connecting and really being able to get into it. I don't really have anything else to say about this one...It is a decent book so I am rating it a three out of five. 

A Vampire's Christmas Carol

Hello holiday times! I love this time of the year, all the food, gifts and family you don't get to see that often! Of course there are the required traditional holiday movies too! When I saw the title of this book I knew I had to read it! Luckily I was able to get it from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion and now that I have read it I have to SPEW it's good graces all over! To sum it up, it's a lot like A Christmas Carol, duh lol,  our sexy vamp is not living his life as he should and someone from his past decides to sacrifice and show him his past, present and future if things continue as they are. The details the author went into with certain things just about broke my heart, and I have to say that is what sealed the deal for me. I loved this book and how even though it is similar to that epic movie and story, it is also completely different in so many different ways! This is a book you aren't going to want to miss out on reading and myself, I would love to read a sequel to this book.  I'm rating this five out of five stars!

Covet Thy Neighbor

I received this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.
This was the first of the Tucker Springs Novels I have ever read,  I have to say I was so impressed with this book! I never would have thought I would ever read a m/m book with a minister as one of the main characters! Normally I would say that it was a terrible idea and it is probably even a bit too taboo to do. On the other hand....I loved it! The way the author wrote his character made him so real and the people he ministers to just breaks your heart and you love him for what he does. There are so many people that have reacted badly to their family members coming out and have certainly kicked them to the streets..what does that do I ask you? Nothing but make the person even more confused and miserable than they were to begin with. The fact that he knows what they are going through and understands just makes the book all the better. Now on to our sexy tattoo artist! Who doesn't have a thing for the sexy guy with the tattoos? Who wouldn't want a little ink if it meant being close to that guy? I personally love them, they are addictive. Overall I loved how the characters fight their attraction so hard only to fall so hard lol. Great book! 

Monday, November 11, 2013


I personally love books set back in Ancient Rome or Greece, I  have always wondered at how they lived, the things they did or didn't do for a living. I'm a curious person by nature so I gobble up books such as this on a daily basis if I can. This was a really good book, yes it could have been a tad longer, but it got the point across in the short time frame it had. These characters are both manly men, which I also love! Dominating men are just so sexy, there is just something that sounds so wild and untamed about chariot slave racers. I wish there had been more information about how long ago they had met and how they became to be such good friends, you know like more of a back story. But, the author tells us enough so we can use our own imaginations at least. I love the theme of this book and how it takes us from ancient times to current times, again I wish there were more information than what the author tells us though, but she does a good job of the transition between past and current. I would read more by this author no doubts. I rate this book four stars out of five.

Freshman Orientation

I admit I liked most of the book, but I didn't like how the main character has his friend give him a list of freshman names. I also didn't like how he never tells Sean how he found him really. When that comes out its gonna be bad. I don't really have anything else to say on this book. 


Of all the books I have read recently for NetGalley, I have to say this one was one of my all time favorites! I have never read a book by this author before but I have to admit after reading this I have been doing some massive online searches for more by her lol. This book was just incredible! I love the idea of it, girl in love with guy she can't have, has friend who is in love with said boys girlfriend that he also can't have. They join forces to try to get what they want. I laughed and laughed through this book at some of the characters actions. I also smacked my forehead a few times asking myself why oh why didn't they get it???? It only took me a few chapters to figure it out...well except for the HUGE reveal at the end!! I will recommend this book to everyone I know because I know they will get a kick out of it! It is refreshing to read a book that isn't all about BDSM and sex as a lot of books are lately because of Fifty Shades. This is a refreshing, for all ages book and I for one wouldn't mind reading a sequel to it!!! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


J. Kenner has done it again, she has created characters that are warm and alive! Evan is the gorgeous alpha male that has secrets but he isn't your typical bad boy, he wants to be good so badly it's sweet. Angie is a tormented soul who has wanted Evan since she was sixteen. Having suffered a tragic loss at a young age and now the loss of her uncle she is having issues. She too has her own secrets but that doesn't stop her from wanting Evan. When she figures out he wants her too, she begins a plan of seduction to have him no matter what. I tell you this book really was quite steamy and the characters amazing. The end leaves you wondering what will happen to certain people and makes you wish the next book were out already because I know there will be something in there about them. Anxiously awaiting the next installment and rating this one in at five stars!!

Searching for Someday

From the very beginning I loved this book, Kate is a successful business woman who owns her own matchmaking business and has the special ability to touch couples and figure out if they are meant to be together or not. When she meets the non-believer Slade who really just wants her to dump his sister from their client list, she flat out tells him no. This leads to an exciting journey that I loved reading though, Slade forces her to take him on as a client to show him that this matchmaking can work, but they begin to have feeling for each other that really is quite cute if you ask me. I loved how they acted toward each other and only wish the book could have been just a little longer because I didn't want it to end. I have to give this book four stars and can't wait to read more by this author. 

Crashing Into You

My first thoughts on this book are that I was astounded. When I started this book I liked it, but didn't love it, then the more I read of it I was annoyed by Sydney and her whole, " I have to have him" mentality. I can understand wanting to be with someone who is with a friend, but when said friend is out of the picture due to strange circumstances I won't go into because I don't want to ruin the book, let it go sheesh. When she finally sees him again they begin their relationship and someone unexpected comes between them little by little. I thought it was a tad creepy to be honest, in fact from this point on is where I draw the line and have to say I hated it. The ending was ridiculous and just upset me more than anything else. I liked Evan at first, but by the end I hated him. I had high hopes for him but he turned out to be an idiot. Overall I would rate this book at 2 stars and that is only because there isn't a half to be 1 1/2 stars.