Monday, November 18, 2013

Covet Thy Neighbor

I received this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.
This was the first of the Tucker Springs Novels I have ever read,  I have to say I was so impressed with this book! I never would have thought I would ever read a m/m book with a minister as one of the main characters! Normally I would say that it was a terrible idea and it is probably even a bit too taboo to do. On the other hand....I loved it! The way the author wrote his character made him so real and the people he ministers to just breaks your heart and you love him for what he does. There are so many people that have reacted badly to their family members coming out and have certainly kicked them to the streets..what does that do I ask you? Nothing but make the person even more confused and miserable than they were to begin with. The fact that he knows what they are going through and understands just makes the book all the better. Now on to our sexy tattoo artist! Who doesn't have a thing for the sexy guy with the tattoos? Who wouldn't want a little ink if it meant being close to that guy? I personally love them, they are addictive. Overall I loved how the characters fight their attraction so hard only to fall so hard lol. Great book! 

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