Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Demon's Desire

I started out super excited to read this book as I love paranormal romance novels. As I read I have to say that I was really into it, the characters were so wonderful and made me want to read each and every one of their stories as well. I could picture Terra Noctem as if I had really been there. The character Dru really was a great character as well, being a kick ass vampire is always amazing, adding that with the fact that she is secretly attracted to the fallen angel Meresin it makes for some really great reading time. Dru doesn't understand her attraction to him and doesn't really want a relationship after her disastrous and failed relationship in the past. I must throw in that even though farther into the book we learn what happened  I wish there had been more of a back story on that event since it had such a lasting effect on her.  I absolutely  love Meresin!!! His character is dark and stormy and sexy as hell!!! He makes you want to grab him and never let him go. Who doesn't love those bad boys? Though he is notoriously bad tempered and hard headed, I wouldn't have wanted any other guy as  the match for Dru. They go through some hard times where they have to go, but in the end it was worth it I would say. I don't want to give away too many details but I will say that their love scene is incredible!

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