Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 30 Day Praise Challenge

Although this isn't the type of book I normally review, I had to give this one a try because it called out to me in a way. After reading what it was about and the things I would be doing I welcomed it with open arms. Who doesn't want to be closer to God and have their faith become stronger? I love that there are musical selections you can listen to while praising God as well as it wants you to keep a journal and keep track of your praising and what you learn about your faith as well as yourself. I myself have always had a problem keeping up with a journal, I would start one then forget about it or start it and not know what the heck to say. I always felt stupid starting out with the Dear Diary lol. While doing this challenge, I must say my praying has gotten better, I always felt like I needed to work on that. Well doing it for 30 days, 20 min a day has made me at least feel like I'm better at it haha. I do feel like my faith has grown and that I can put everyday in his hands and know that he will help me along the path he wants me to take. I suggest everyone at least try to give this book a chance. I challenge you to do the 30 Day Challenge and if at the end you don't feel like your faith has grown....well where was the harm in trying?

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