Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tempted by Two

"When executive woman Katie Warren arrives in the picturesque village of Little Marplethorpe for a country holiday, to reassess her life and her future, she doesn't bargain on ending up in a hot three way love affair with a man she's admired from afar... *and* his gorgeously handsome male partner."

Katie meets Marcus and Owen at an exhibition of Marcus's work and she is invited to "play" with the men. Having already become attracted to them she agrees but during all this she realizes how in love with each other the two of them are and feels left out and alone while with them. Trying to make her feel included they show her how wonderful it can be between the three of them causing her to freak out a little and leave. Trying not to alarm her they let her leave and give her time before approaching her again. The men track her down and work their way back into her bed and this is where some how and steamy sex scenes come into play. This is also around the time we realize Katie is falling in love with both men and is scared because she doesn't want to be a third wheel nor cause any problems with their relationship or work. Thinking that leaving is the only answer to the problem. She packs up her stuff says her goodbyes and leaves. They let her go knowing they will miss her but later realizing they were in love with her and that she made them better together. I would tell you more but that would ruin everything as there is so much more that you could read for yourselves. The little tidbits I have written hardly even do this book justice. Go on and buy it you know you wanna read it. I rate this book a four out of five stars and would love to read more by this author. 

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