Saturday, June 8, 2013

Complete Me

Complete Me is the third and final installment of the Damien Stark Trilogy written by J. Kenner.  EXPECTED RELEASE DATE July 30, 2013.

We have gone through a lot with Nikki and Damien in the past two books and this one is no exception. Although I have become used to Damien shutting Nikki out at the most important moments I was still upset when he did it to her following the trial. It was a time they should have been together and there for each other and yet he wouldn't open up to her and she had to go and talk to someone else about it. But he does make it up to her very quickly and explains why he acted the way he did. There is mystery as well as the usual hot and steamy sex scenes. Not all authors are able to keep my interested and wanting more after each book and yet here I am again even knowing this is the final book still wanting more of the story. Maybe in the future there will be another some years down the road or even pick up where this one left off. I have heard there may be a novella so that is something I am desperately looking forward to. 

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