Sunday, June 16, 2013

Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters by Emelle Gamble set to publish July 10, 2013. This book was interesting but not for me, although the idea of a sort of life after death seems amazing and surreal this just didn't get my enthusiasm.  Cathy and Roxanne are the best of friends, I don't understand their friendship at first but I later understand more, Roxanne is dealing not very well with a breakup. They are arguing back and forth when it happens, the crash. Skipping forward we come to the hospital where Roxanne awakens to find out that Cathy died in the crash and she has amnesia. We go through a lot of confusion along with poor Roxanne who I don't really feel that sorry for because even though it was deemed an accident I still felt like she was a little bit of a bitch.  Finally after long bouts of not remembering anything except for some flashbacks of certain things, which let me know exactly why she isn't remembering Roxanne's life, she remembers everything but not the way she was expecting. I am not going to tell you what happens because I think you should read it for yourselves and decide if it is something you will like. I honestly think there are some people that may thoroughly enjoy the book, and I wish them well reading it. For me, I would rate this book at a three stars for creativity.

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