Thursday, June 13, 2013

The First Lie

This is an original e-short story that sets the stage for Diane Chamberlain's new book Necessary Lies. I really enjoyed this short story I must say it has made me want to read the new book post haste! We start out with kids being kids and they end up releasing something they don't intend to and run away thinking all will be back to normal if they just ignore it. When Ivy arrives home it is to find her sister Mary Ella in labor. She is sent to the neighbors to phone for help. After arriving at the hospital Mary Ella has the baby but loses a lot of blood so they keep her for extra time. We find out early on that they are planning on removing her " appendix" and that confuses me at the time but by the end when you read the conversation between Mrs. Werkman and Nonnie you will totally understand and even gasp in some outrage if you are like me. I am wondering if Mary Ella even knows for sure what has happened. As I said I cannot wait to read the next book!!!

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