Monday, June 10, 2013

Fire Inside ( A Chaos Novel)

 Fire Inside ( A Chaos Novel)  by Kristen Ashley was released June 4, 2013. I absolutely loved this book. I personally am a fan of the Sons of Anarchy and Hop reminds me of Jaxx soooo much except for his hair coloring. I was in love from the very beginning and couldn't put it down! There were some parts that I didn't like Lanie though, I realize she's having some issues because of what she went through but dang girl you made the first move now deal with the consequences you know. I must say the sex scenes were hot and steamy and also left some things to your imagination at times which I enjoyed. I was worried about Hop though for a long while dealing with that Benito business. I just knew  he was going to get hurt somehow and Lanie was going to freak and that was how Tyra and Tank would find out about them. Lanie got on my nerves with the whole she couldn't love anymore though and although as I said I totally understood that, at the same time I was like you have that gorgeous, sweet man there so obviously in love with you and you still push him away. Hop had determination I'll give him that, if I were him after all that pushing I would have been like look lady I can only play this game for so long cause it aint' worth it.  I honestly couldn't get enough, and would rate it at four and a half stars. I would recommend this book to everyone!

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