Friday, June 28, 2013

Taken By Him

Luke has everything and usually gets what he wants, so when he ends up in the hospital and can't seem to find anyone willing to sleep with him since he's injured he starts to despair and becomes moody. The few friends he has suggests he get out of dodge for awhile until the person that tried to kill him is captured. At first he doesn't want to but they convince him. We meet Peyton who is a business woman who is on a much needed vacation. She only has a few days left before heading back to her real life and job, when she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Luke. She is lusting after him with only one look and can't decide if she wants to run away from him or run to him.  There are some seriously sexy scenes in this book and I for one loved every one of them. Getting to know the characters was interesting to say the least. Luke seems like a spoiled brat, who wants everything to be a certain way and that's it. As we read more we learn there is a lot behind that playboy facade and he is not what he seems. Peyton is a successful business woman who we learn has desires just like every other woman in the world even though her business attitude plays that down into nonexistence. I really loved this book and the characters. I would read more by this author in a heartbeat. I would rate this book a four out of five stars and recommend everyone read it if you are looking for a sexy read. 

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