Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Sleep ... Perchance to Die

To Sleep ... Perchance to Die by Donald Grippo, published June 1, 2013. What can I say about this book to do it justice? I'm not really sure actually, I liked the book, don't get me wrong, but I didn't love the book. I can honestly say it was good, and even the cover grabbed my attention. That was why I had requested it in the first place. The way it was written just kind of confused me from time to time I guess was my problem. It would interest me then lose me somewhere along the way. I loved the plot to it, it was very gripping and I felt so badly for poor Bret who was only trying to be a good friend to Jake, who in turn ends up ruining Bret's life and career. As for Mai, I have so many things I can say about that character, she reminds me of someone I know. She was the perfect bad girl, conniving, slutty, sexy, she knew just what to say and do to get what she wants.  She first gets poor Jake to fall for her and plays the poor victim of a jealous and controlling boyfriend and gets him to do something terrible for her. When she has him convinced that she cannot be with him because he is Jewish and her family will not allow that she comes up with the idea to be with Bret but to really be with Jake the whole time. So together they play with Bret's emotions and drug him when they want to be together. They then get tired of him being in their "relationship" and decide to do away with him. What they do to him is just horrible and I felt mad at them for him. What he goes through while where he ends up is also horrible and unspeakable and what he ends up not doing says a lot about him as a person. Even after everything that he went through he still doesn't sink to the level that the people he loved did. I personally would have killed Sammy like he had planned to do. Overall I would rate this book a three and a half stars, only because like I had said I got lost so often. 

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