Wednesday, July 17, 2013


    This book starts out introducing us to our main character and telling us something happened that wasn't his fault. As punishment for this thing that happened he has to write an essay. His teacher has told him if he can continue to write through the school year he will not have to do any of the Shakespeare assignments. This convinces him to write about every event that has had a significant effect on his life up till now. He write of how he accidentally stoned a bird, and even how an accident with some friends led to one of them having their eyebrows burned off...well blown off  more like. He is a smart kid and his friend Lonnie tries to convince him to write a love letter to this girl that he likes for Lonnie. Lonnie says he can't do it because he can't spell very well or put the words together right.  After writing the letter I knew the girl was going to like him better than Lonnie I could see it coming and that's exactly what happens then poor Lonnie is heartbroken and refuses to be friends with Julian saying he betrayed their friendship. There is  a lot of drama that made me laugh but also made me feel sorry for them all especially when the girl chooses someone else. I did like the character Eduardo he seemed like a great kid. I read this book to my kids to get their opinions on it and they loved it so overall I would have to rate this book a four out of five. It teaches about how to do right and what you should do if you have done something wrong, so its great.

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