Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crime of Privilege

George was invited to a party for his hero Senator Gregory. While there he doesn't even get to shake the senator's hand but instead sees two of the senators nephews raping a drunk and virtually unconscious girl.  Because he doesn't act or report this horrible act he lives with guilt but carries on with his life and graduates law school and obtains a job as an attorney in the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office on Cape Cod with the help of the Gregory family, a little "payoff" for protecting the Gregory family name.   Twelve years later a man asks George to get involved in the unsolved murder of his daughter, he believes the Gregory's have something to do with the murder.  (I laughed when I read this and thought to myself it serves you right Georgie boy. )  The only thing I really liked about this book was George trying to figure out what was right or wrong and do the right thing. He does grow a lot in the book I will give him that and Barbara his partner helps with that I think. I think the ending fizzles  a little though. I would rate this a three only because I hate George. 

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