Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Silver Chain ( Book One of the Unbreakable Trilogy)

The Silver Chain(Book 1 of the Unbreakable Trilogy)
Primula Bond
Publication Release: July 4, 2013

I am a huge fan of Fifty Shades of Grey as well as the Stark Trilogy and a few others that got their ideas from Fifty Shades, but I have to say it is starting to get a little old. There is always the billionaire or millionaire who has issues with something in their past and needs the help of a woman to get him past his pain and confusion. Then there is always a woman that has some deep emotional trauma of some kind and becomes way to emotionally involved with said man way to quickly.  This one is no different, except that the beginning left something to be desired for me. I had a hard time getting into it to begin with, however I really wanted to finish this book so I forced myself past the boring part and on and on I went until I met said confused, sexy, dominating and older man. I did like his description, I could totally picture him and found him attractive. Now our heroine, she  is beautiful and emotionally challenged you could put it and she is of course already ready to take said man home or let him take her home and ravish her. I did feel their connection, and I was curious how it would play out, but when she really started getting on my nerves was when he asks her to go with him to his old home to help clear out the place and get it ready to sell. It still has some of his ex-wife's things in it and she goes nuts. I mean crazy as a baboon. I was like what in the hell is wrong with this girl. He is no better taking her for a horse ride then leaving her behind even when she falls and hurts herself? What?? Then when he comes back he of course apologizes and all is forgiven, to a degree anyway. Now back to her being loony, his ex was into dominatrix stuff so there is the leather outfit that I can kind of picture as if it is from American Horror Story sort of.  Crazy girl puts it on....may I remind you now that this WAS his ex's clothes....WHAT??? Pardon the yelling but that is what I was saying in my head most of the book. Now I did like that there isn't a collar,however, there is a bracelet that he attaches a chain too and there were a couple of times when he holds up the chain like you would to a dog to get it excited about going on a walk for example. Again...WHAT?? She always goes to him until she loses her mind and breaks free then heads back home. He doesn't chase her like I would have liked...I wanted to see him pissed about the whole running away thing... But lets her go about her business. Now I may not have been very kind in my review of this book, but it was a decent book. There was some steamy sexual scenes that can get your heart going a little faster, but overall I would rate this a two and a half out of five. 

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