Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pale Gray For Guilt

Title: Pale Gray For Guilt
Author: John D. MacDonald
Published: May 21, 2013

This adventure with Travis McGee was a sad one if I do say so myself. Poor Trav doesn't have many true friends but that is what I felt like Tush was. When he sees Tush, he is told that there is something going on and he isn't sure what but that it must be something bad. The next time Trav hears anything about Tush, he's hearing that Tush is dead and committed suicide.  Not believing it for a  second Trav sets out to find the people who killed his friend. I was a little broken up at Tush's death since it shook up Travis so much. I truly love these books, the adventure and mystery that are in every one of them is incredible. I would rate this book a four out of five stars. 

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