Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chose the WRONG guy, Gave him the wrong FINGER

Chose the WRONG guy, Gave him the wrong FINGER is written by Beth Harbison and set to publish July 9, 2013. The main characters of this book are Ashley, Burke and Frank. Ashley has history with these brothers who never get along, that's right she was set to marry Burke, she had been in love with him forever only to find out on her wedding day, by Frank that he has been cheating on her. Ashley decides not to go through with the wedding and ends up running off to Vegas for a memorable time with Frank. We skip to ten years later and Frank and Burke's Aunt is getting married and wants Ashley to make her wedding dress. Then all hell breaks lose, Burke who is still attracted to Ashley confuses the crap out of her causing her to get drunk and  lose her mind a little bit and start telling her customers all kinds of crazy things. Then Frank confesses his feelings for her and confuses her even more. I have to say that this book was a little hectic for me, although funny at times with all the drama I did not like Ashley. I understand she is confused in her feelings but for me I couldn't relate to her. If my man cheated on me before my wedding that would be the end and there may be feelings but I wouldn't be making out with him ten years later confused with my feelings. Granted she is also confused because she isn't sure that Frank was 100% honest with her about everything nor about why he waited to tell her minutes before she walked down the isle.  The book is good but as I said I couldn't relate to Ashley so I would rate it a three star book.

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