Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Quick Red Fox

This was a really good Travis McGee novel that I enjoyed reading. A movie star is being blackmailed and hires Travis to find the person or persons responsible as well as to collect any other compromising photos that may be out there. Travis decides to take the case and finds out he is to be accompanied by Dana the movie stars assistant. She turns out to be a god send as she books their flights and hotel stays as well as other things. He grows to care for her and I was so happy for him after these previous books I thought he may have found the one. Alas, after snooping and bullying and investigating they find the persons responsible and Travis is attacked, which he always seems to be, by a murderer then Dana is bashed over the head when said murderer escapes. After all this happens my heart breaks for Trav who loses the girl. I could have shed some tears but I know he will have another chance! Read this book for the chance to be blown away with blackmail, murder, mystery and just some good old fashioned gorgeous man lol.

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