Saturday, May 18, 2013

College Boys

I would say this book was more of a 3 1/2 stars as opposed to a 4 stars but that isn't an option so here we are at 3. I did like most of this book, there is the struggle of a young man who has thought of other guys but doesn't think that makes him gay. Then there is the openly gay guy with the flamboyantly gay friend.  Poor Peter has had a crush on his neighbor since a camping trip when they woke up spooning.  Chris seems intrigued with sounds coming from Peter's room one night and some seriously hot scenes occur. There are times in this book that I wanted to smack Chris on the head and ask him what he was thinking but then other times I just wonder what in the world he was thinking at that point in time. Overall this book was pretty good. I'm not sure it's for everyone though. But it is a cute read for some.

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