Friday, March 8, 2013

Hero of My Heart

It has been a long time since I have read a book I couldn't decide if I liked or hated. The beginning was really good and drew me in but then somewhere after our main characters meet I lost interest. Then there was drama on the road together that drew me back in but again I lost it sometime after that. The characters just weren't believable I guess and I couldn't find myself relating to anything. There is a vicars daughter, Mary, whose father has recently died and her half brother who wants to sell her to the highest bidder due to gambling debts. I wish there had been more back story in the very beginning so we could know what kind of person this half brother is and why this was his last resort. After Mary is bought and paid for by Lord Alasdair who is an addict of Opium, they go on an adventure, he wants to wed her because he has plans to help her get her life back in order since his life is so terrible. I didn't quite understand how he planned on that since she takes care of him pretty much half of the beginning of the book. Then after marriage he wants to help her find her mother in London. We never find out why her mother gave her up only that her parents didn't like the match. We don't  find out until later that her mother and father were married in secret before she was born either since her father told her they had never been married and she was a bastard. When we do finally meet the mother she appears nice, but then when they confront her she thinks only of herself and how the public cannot let her claim Mary in public. What a mother eh. Then Alasdair basically dumps her on her own claiming he wants to be separated, Mary is distraught and realizes she loves him and misses him. We go on for awhile without hearing anything about him until we come to him helping soldiers who are addicted to opium as well. Then Mary appears, how she finds him I'm not sure but she forgives him and tells him she knows he loves her and then the end. I hated how this ended. How did she find him? I would rate this book a two out of five.

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