Saturday, March 30, 2013

Enslaved ( Enslaved Trilogy #1)

Enslaved is an erotic BDSM book that takes us on an adventure through the life of Elisabeth who has just been de-collared from her master who has decided it is time to move on and find the things in a BDSM relationship that he feels like he and she both deserve. He never loved her and she never loved him, but they had a long relationship based on the understanding she was a pain slut and he was a sadist. After giving her, her freedom he tells her that Trevor who is one of the BAD boys from the club they frequent wants her. This is normal in a BDSM relationship to share your slave and it means nothing. However this is different because she is no longer Gregory's slave and she isn't sure that the billionaire will want the real her.  After arriving to the amazing house Trevor calls home and meeting the staff as well as getting a tour of the huge grounds she finally has one on one time with him and that is when she first realizes she isn't confident in herself and her need to be collared by Trevor. This is where I sort of lost a little bit of interest  She has just met this man and she is already concerned about being collared and it appears she doesn't even care who it is that collars her as long as they can hurt her. She isn't a true submissive by any standards with her constantly talking back and doing things just so she can be punished. But while doing this she is willfully disobeying Trevor and disrespecting him at the same time. He  decides it is time she learns how to be a good little slave so he sends her to be with his best friend and business partner Roman. This turns out to be not such a good idea because Roman the man who is known for the slave em and leave em ends up falling for her. He wants her to stay with him because they have so much in common, she loves pain and he loves to give it to her. She goes though some tough decisions and goes to visit her previous master, who has moved on and we read a little about his journey as well though all this, who is now officially gay and has a twink slave who he is in love with. After getting good advice from Gregory and his slave Andrew she makes her decision and goes back to the man she chooses. I am not telling who she chooses you will have to read it. I rate this book a four out of five.

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