Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is a good YA novel that is also good for adults to read as well. Spellbinding is the story of a high school girl named Abby, she has dreams of being someone else in a time that is not her own. She is a girl being accused of being a witch and she is tossed into the river to die. Abby has this dream so often it is nothing new, but she also dreams of a young man with blue green eyes that tells her they will be together again. Not sure what is going on with that part of her dream she goes about her business. Her driving test to get her license is coming up so she is  a little stressed about that. She needs to get it so she can get a job for the summer. Abby is given a homework assignment to track her family tree and while doing this she finds out she may have been related to a woman accused of being a witch in Salem. While doing her investigating she meets a boy named Remy whose eyes look just like the boys that she dreams about. Confused about her feelings for Remy who she doesn't know that well she goes across the street and sees a shop that is hiring.  Soon after she starts being able to do things she shouldn't be able to do and that doesn't make sense to her. She finds a book with spells and begins to practice. She does a love spell to get the boy in her school she has a crush on to like her back and it is exciting for her when it works. Pretty soon she is trying to do bigger spells and that is when Remy tells her the more she does the less human she will become. All things come to a huge conclusion which I shall not tell you about you will have to read yourselves. I rated this book a three out of five because even though it was a good book, Abby got on my nerves with liking one boy and having feelings for another all at the same time. Her inconsistencies just annoyed me, I realize she is a high school girl so she has the right to be immature but that is just my opinion. Overall it is a good book that all can enjoy.

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