Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever

Joe is going to visit his daughter Stephanie in California. On the way to the airport he is in an accident and ends up with a small cut on his head.  On the plane he meets a flight attendant and they hit it off with an agreement to see each other the next day. Joe arrives at his daughter's office building and finds a party going on. After finding his daughter he tells her he wants to freshen up. While doing so he makes a call to the flight attendant but then the phone cuts off. Unsure what is going on when he hears a woman scream he makes his way quietly down the hall and finds the building has been taken over by men with guns and German accents. Everyone at the party is now a hostage and Joe takes it upon himself to start taking out the bad guys. He kills them left and right, pissing off the head honcho Little Tony as he calls himself. When the police get involved the head officer tells Joe to stand down he is causing to much of a mess. Joe basically tells him to go to hell and give the phone back to the man he had been talking to which is Al. The bad guys continue being killed left and right until we end up where Little Tony has Joe's daughter as a lone hostage and is threatening to kill her. Joe says to trade him for her and Little Tony agrees. When Joe arrives and goes to kill Little Tony he yells for Stephanie to get out of the way but she doesn't and he pulls her out the broken window with him where she falls to her death. 
 I did like parts of the book. I can see where the Die Hard franchise came from, but I like the movie better. I just don't understand how Joe became so attached to this flight attendant and wants to speak with her so much while he is killing and hiding from the bad guys. I don't get how the author kills off his daughter, I don't see the point in it. I also wasn't expecting the company she worked for to be supplying arms to terrorists in return for deals and money. Overall I would rate this book a three out of five. 

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