Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starstruck Romance and Other Hollywood Tails

Ok to start out with, this book is a sequel to Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers, the first book was ok but had some really silly parts. The sequel is just downright ridiculous  the main character Cynthia was all about Max in the last book and this book he is basically a distant memory until he shows up and then there is drama between her, a movie star named Jack and some guy named Pete who we find out she had feelings for in high school, and whom she hinted down on Facebook them stalks him and has sex with him. She almost has sex with Jack and does " help him out", then more drama ensues. Max comes in he's been having an affair with Molly the hosts wife for five years, he's at the party with Lolita, who is insane if you ask me, Cynthia tries to leave the drama and ends up getting a call from Pete who isn't leaving tonight as he expected and wants to see her again.

It just seems to jump all over the place and my brain just couldn't handle the drama and constant confusion I guess. The characters are totally unrelateable unless you know dogs that can appear out of nowhere anytime. A woman who practically has sex with any attractive male that comes along, or a man that has sex on the brain nonstop and is a male slut really.  I would rate this book at about a two and a half simply from the drama that made me continue to read it.

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