Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Water Witch

This novel is the sequel to Demon Lover and I have to say that it was so good I inhaled it overnight! I just couldn't put it down. I loved the first one and I love this one even more! The way the author has started telling us more about Callie and her past and the way the Grove is trying to take over things and close the Fey Door forever is so exciting to read about. I cried again in this one because she didn't realize what she had until she lost it. Sometimes she can be so stupid, how could she not know who he was? I knew who he was as soon as he got there. There was just something special about him. I'm not saying his name I don't want to ruin it for future readers.

This novel takes place about a month after the first one leaves off and Callie is depressed since losing Liam and still feels terrible about what she has done. Her three friends arrive at her house with a task for her. She needs to open a door to let some creatures back in Fairy. If they don't get there their race will die out. So she goes to help and while helping is dragged to Fairy herself. There she sees poor Liam again and he once again helps her get free of something terrible then she frees him from the bracelets she had placed on him and he is able to go on land instead of the Borderlands. They make love and it brought a tear to my eye thinking this was it for them, because he swore an oath he wouldn't follow her and hurt her again. She meets an adult of the creatures she was helping and she is evil and tries to hurt Callie. Liam AGAIN helps her and she escapes but not without breaking her neck in the process. Her friends help her and bind her neck back together. There is a terrible storm she is told about when she returns and she finds that her friend Brock has been killed from it. They all go about trying to bring Brock back because his spirit is still close by. While trying to help Callie finds out she has lots of power but it is almost trapped inside her. They tell her that a private tutor to help her is in order. Enter Duncan, at first he is just a handsome devil helping her with her powers. He helps her unleash most of her potential but something seems off about him. There is some adventure and some lust and confusion but it isn't until her grandmother and the Grove show up to ruin everything that she finds out he is an evil creature and they along with The Grove want to take over her school. The book ends with me crying because of what is realized and lost, because I knew it all along! I would rate this book a five out of five and I am impatiently awaiting the next installment!!! I hope I am able to read it on NetGalley as I have the past two and give my honest opinion again!!!

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