Friday, January 25, 2013

One Little White Lie

From the first page this cute book drew me in. Who hasn't had a friend try to set you up and fail terribly by getting the worst possible people! I really loved how Kate being so tired of being set up so many times to the wrong guys that she just tells her friend that she has been seeing someone and to stop.When pressed for details she gives a few and hopes that will keep Lisa's serial match making skills from reappearing. When Henry sees Kate for the first time he doesn't know what hit him but he does know that he can't let her get away. After chasing her to a cab and missing her just barely he finds her friend she was with and approaches her and they concoct this incredible idea. Kate goes to her friends engagement party and runs into her ex, suddenly her imaginary boyfriend is there and in real life! It was so funny reading her reactions, although I probably would have freaked out too if my friend had decided to play this joke on me. After we find out how Kate was hurt by her ex I was so happy when Henry punches him, I love when the assholes get what's coming to them. Kate is convinced by Henry to try out three dates and if that doesn't go well she will never have to see him again. Things are going great but Henry has been hiding something for fear of being hurt, he is a world famous author and worth a lot of money. Wanting to just meet someone and not have them worry about money he hides this a little too long from Kate and when she finds out she is furious and ends things. Funny thing love, when it's real it doesn't just go away, and it can make you miserable if you try to make it. After a serious discussion with Tom who is Henry's brother. After telling her why Henry was hiding things from her she goes to see him and they patch things up. It was a cute little book that I would of loved to have been longer! I would rate this book a three out of five. 

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