Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cinders and Sapphires

I wasn't terribly impressed with this sneak peak, but I also want too terribly bored either. I like how it sort of leaves you with the impression that the girl Rose is Lord Westlakes child with his housekeeper Mrs. Cliffe, plus there is someone listening to their conversation leading you to believe that someone is up to no good. We learn that Lady Ada has feelings for an Indian young man which absolutely cannot happen in that day and time. The Lord has come home from India to marry but it's really about money. We know he cares for this woman some though by how he acts around her. We are really drawn into a world where miss matches are frowned upon and it's nothing out of the ordinary for a forty something year old man to expect a sixteen year old to marry him. I hesitate to rate this book having not been able to read the entire book but only the first thirteen chapters. I would rate what I read about a three out of five.

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