Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister

This is a cute little book that takes us away to Greece for an adventure filled with love, romance, betrayal and mistrust. Diona comes home from work to find her younger sister has fled the country to go to Greece to marry a man she has only known for a week. To stop her sister from making a huge mistake Diona conquers her fear of flying and tracks down her sister. Finding her was easy but talking her out of marrying the man she claims to love is hard. Her sister leaves her alone in a restaurant to take a call and that is when Nikias finds her thinking her to be his brothers mistress. Thinking the only reason she is with his brother is for his money he offers to buy her off and tells her to do whats best. Diona gets upset thinking him rude and refuses. After failing to convince Diona to leave his bother alone he sends her a letter making her think its his bother and kidnaps her keeping her on his island with no phones or boats in sight. He says he is going to keep her there until it's time for her to fly back home and his brother will be over her by then. Diona is confused and upset and tells him that he got the wrong sister. 

I loved how he kidnaps her and keeps her on the island and how he has such a hard time keeping his hands off her. I loved how he falls for her and doesn't even know it. 

I hated how quickly he jumps to conclusions in this book. Every time something doesn't go his way he jumps to another opinion and blames Diona then the one time he seems to be in the wrong and she confronts him about it then tries to leave he once again holds her on the island against her will. 

I was so happy with the way the book ended but I wish we could of learned about her fear sooner rather than the very end of the book. That would have explained her anxiousness on her trips and helped us understand her more quickly. I would rate this book a four out of five because I really enjoyed it. 

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