Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sighs Too Deep For Words

I have to say I have some mixed feelings about this book. One half of me enjoyed the whole screwed up mess of it and the other half of me was pissed off through the whole book. I went into this book with my eyes open knowing what it was about but still I was a little disappointed with it. A man in prison falls in love with a pen pal. So much so that when he gets out of prison he goes on the hunt for her. He meets some strange people along the way and meets who he thinks is a cousin of this woman but is unable to find her. He gets a place to stay in town and a job as well working at an old Chevron for a man named Mr. Otis. He finds out that the preacher is the one that had been writing letters to him and it was him that he fell for. Then this is where it gets tricky, he acts like its such a big deal that the preacher is a man but then he agrees to go to this party with the people he met that drove him into town and the sister wants him but he turns her down but then....he has sex with her brother! A man! I don't get how that turned about but anyway to carry on, we find out he was in love with someone he calls Little Ray who was his lover in prison. Then the story goes off onto some other peoples lives and I don't really get it. The rest of the book just left me wanting something else to be honest but the ending, well the ending had a nice touch to it as Little Ray shows up and surprises Lester. I'm sure they will live happily ever after. I rate this book a three out of five simply because I just didn't get it.

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