Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Fetish Box Part 2; What Escapes

This second installment of The Fetish Box was just as exciting as the first one. Now we have been introduced to a crime that has taken place while Mary was having her first time with John. They are called to be told that someone had broken into the shop, trashed it and beaten up Max and Kaylee a girl that worked there. They rush to the hospital and we are introduced to a new character named Carl who is Max's step brother. Mary tries to get things situated in the shop as her feelings for John confuse her as well as her attraction to Max. Things get pretty steamy with her and John then she is alone with Max and would have taken the next step with him but he was injured from the breaking and wasn't in the mood. Max leaves her alone to go somewhere and she awakens to hear someone in her house breaking things. She escapes and meets up with Max who is in shock to see her running and covered in scratches and blood. After calling 911 he makes his move and then we are left to wonder who is in her house breaking things, will she sleep with Max even though she has feelings for John, will he forgive her if she does? I would rate this a five out of five. I can't wait till the third installment!!!

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