Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild Children

When I am going through books and reading their descriptions to see if it is something that might be of interest to me I look for things that grab my attention and pull me in. This is that book, the one that in just the first two sentences of it's description made me wonder what all would be within the book. " Bad children are punished. Be bad, a child is told, and you’ll be turned into an animal, marked with your crime.
How could this not bring your curiosity around? We are forever told by our parents that if we make a face it might get stuck that way right? Well, this is like that except your sin is what you are likely to become. There are Wolf Children, Jackal Children, Donkey Children, Cat Children and Dove Children, there are actually an animal of every kind but the ones most spoken about in the book are these that I named. The book starts off about a girl named Jenny who meets a Wild Child as they are called for the very first time and he is a Wolf Child named Wolfgang. She is drawn to him as a child might be drawn to something different and exciting. We read about her struggles of becoming something she was never meant to be and what she later becomes. The book has five different stories in it all of them relate to the other in a way.

I really enjoyed reading about this world where children are changed into animals because of their sins and the way they are treated differently is really the same we treated slaves back in the days of old. The pretty ones are surrounded by the rich and taken care of as pets whereas the "uglier" ones are resorted to pulling carts or cleaning or cooking or just fetching things. There were times when reading I wanted to yell at the people for what they were doing, but that is what makes this book so interesting. The fact that I can get lost in it and not remember that even if I yell at someone they cannot hear me is what I love about reading. To get lost in another world and enjoy it this much is what makes me rate this book a five out of five. I cannot wait to read more books by this author. 

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