Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost Perfect

This is a cute book by Julie Ortolon and the first in a trilogy. The story line is three friends meet at a fourth friends book signing. They see that her book has parts in it about them and they are upset. They set out on a quest to conquer their fears. We start with Maddy who is a widow who gets an offer to teach arts and crafts to a summer camp run by her high school sweethearts mother. She is hesitant but agrees not sure about how Joe will react. Skip forward to the first meeting, Joe flips out, I found this amusing since its been many years but he seems to act like it just happened to him. I felt sorry for him though from the way she had broken things off with him. She explains things to him within a few days of arriving and they come to a truce where he makes her get her butt in action to start showing her art. I did enjoy reading them rekindling their former romance but I really get tired of the stories about former lovers coming back together. I would rate this book a three out of five.

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