Thursday, January 24, 2013

Star Crossed

This is the second installment of the Battered Hearts Series by Kele Moon, the first being Defying the Odds which I loved with a passion! This one is just as good with more adventure and excitement...and the love scenes aren't anything to joke about I tell ya...whew! It starts up with us finding out Juliet better known as Jules has had a night to remember with Romeo the fighter who had lost to Clay in the last book and who saved Melody from her ex husband. Clay has offered to train Romeo more on his ground game and Romeo decides to take him up on the offer not only because he wants to be nearer to Juliet but also because he wants to be better at his sport. He wants a title belt and would do anything to get it. We find out his family really is in the Mafia and we go on his journey of trying to get his brothers out of it and succeeding in getting his baby  brother Tino to come with him to train. While there he and Juliet fall in love with each other but they keep it a secret from her family because her brother hates him. Juliet starts to look sick so she goes to the doctor at her brothers insistence and the doctor calls back and lets Wyatt know she is pregnant. Instead of telling his sister the news he goes and kicks the shit out of Romeo which causes him to have to pull out of the fight he was going for and was going to have to throw because of his stupid Mafia father. He officially has a hit put out on him so he goes to say bye to Juliet. Instead of saying bye to him she goes with him without knowing she is pregnant. They end up getting married then all hell breaks loose. Frankie his father has tracked him down and is going to kill him. There is a big shootout and Romeo gets shot and thinks Juliet is dead so he closes his eyes and passes out. Juliet wakes up finds out shes pregnant then that Romeo is in a coma and things get a little hectic until Romeo wakes up and then they are together again just like a real life Romeo and Juliet. We find out she is pregnant with twins and everyone is excited and happy. I LOVED this book and would rate it a five out of five and recommend it to everyone who will listen to me. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.

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